Make email processing more efficient

A woman ponders more efficient email processing

Daily worldwide email processing has increased steadily, with more than 3 billion emails sent out every 24 hours. Dealing with that sort of volume causes a number of problems for companies. First, it gums up internal systems, leading to huge losses in productivity and revenue, and sometimes damages employees’ health

Automation and AI can help you streamline the information that flows into employees’ inboxes, using intelligent character recognition and natural language processing to classify types of emails or documents, along with automated responses to help cut down on manual tasks. 

In the end, streamlining email processing helps: 

  • Boost efficiency and productivity for sales, marketing, and customer service teams
  • Reduce response times to common customer requests
  • Increase customer retention and satisfaction
  • Transform internal processes for IT, HR, payroll and other departments

See how we helped a global logistics company with email processing, automating responses to 60% of incoming inquiries. This led to an 80% workload reduction, seconds in response time, and overall higher customer satisfaction.


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