Unlock the business intelligence in your emails

Studies show that the average email response time is 42 hours. Long delays frustrate your customers. And they can be prevented.


To meet customer expectations regarding response times, your business must efficiently identify consumer intent, route emails, and respond appropriately.


Discover the business value

So much business value arrives hourly via email. Unlock it. Our AI-driven intelligent document processing platform extracts critical data from emails and attachments in seconds.


Streamline internal processes

Automating email classification with intent detection cuts down on the emails your team needs to review and reply to, so customers get help faster.


Enrich the customer experience

Streamlined processes impact your team’s ability to tackle higher-value tasks. Save more time for the tasks that improve the customer experience and generate more revenue.


Identify intent and route to the appropriate person.

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Benefits of an Automated Email Classification and Processing System

Overflowing inboxes are frustrating, but the reality is Email is convenient. So much so that customers often present multiple requests within the same email.

Email processing needs AI

Every day, more than 3 billion business emails are sent and received worldwide. Just allow that to sink in. How many have PDF documents or attached photos of handwritten text? "Off-the-shelf" OCRs cannot “see” the handwriting, tables, or other nuances stuck in contracts, invoices, slides, and spreadsheets. Wouldn't it be nice to have an email classification system that reads and automatically categorizes emails for you?


Email processing needs automation

Email overload significantly reduces productivity, morale, and company revenue. Global data experts forecast daily enterprise email traffic will surpass 4.5 billion by 2025. Businesses need an effective email processing system to accurately identify the intent within emails and to alleviate the workload more than ever. Automating email processing can help, but what about the information locked away in attachments? That’s where IDP comes in.


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Stability & scalability: Deploying intelligent document processing (IDP) as a microservice

Whether scaling up or down, platforms need to be built for rock-solid, stable performance. Your business depends on it. That’s why scalability and stability are the core pillars of the Hero Platform_. 

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Unlock the business value

Email attachments come in various formats—PDFs, document scans, and even photos of handwritten text. Our AI-powered Context-aware OCR extracts essential information from the email and its attachments to get the data where it's needed. This is not your parents’ legacy OCR. Hero Platform_ comes equipped with the most accurate OCR on the planet. Our patent-pending OCR extracts critical data points with above-human accuracy—especially handwriting—in seconds.


Route emails instantly

Our intent detection cuts down on the emails you need to manually review and reply to. Hero Platform_ uses a flexible multi-modal AI model that understands the email, identifies its intent, and routes it to the right person. Is the email a quote request along with a request for support, or only a shipment update? Hero Platform_ detects the potential for multiple intents, sorts the email into an appropriate category, and routes it to the right department.


Unclog the shared inbox

Our human-in-the-loop interface offers a highly configurable, no-code environment that enables employees to quickly review emails in batches that need a human touch. This provides all the relevant data employees need to make decisions quickly. Unclog the shared inbox and say goodbye to mishandled requests for good. Our classification AI instantly detects intent and triages emails with above-human accuracy, so employees aren’t constantly in over their heads.


Accelerate customer communication

After the email is processed through our industry-leading automation engine, you can collect valuable business intelligence. Hero Platform_ automatically extracts key data points from the email—such as the customer’s name, order details, or dates—and generates a summary of the issue. With the data unlocked, our end-to-end IDP platform can look up information in another database, validate it, and rapidly send a reply with the appropriate response.


Capture the business value from emails with an intelligence “fabric”

The world runs on email. Companies collect data from numerous sources, but email is a starting point that’s often overlooked. Say goodbye to a clogged inbox and unlock the valuable business intelligence stuck inside with enterprise-ready AI built for the real world.

Say hello to Hero Platform_

Hero Platform_ is an end-to-end intelligent document processing (IDP) platform that reads documents—even handwriting—the same way as humans. It uses advanced AI to extract essential data locked away in emails and transforms it into business value. Once unlocked, Hero Platform_ can even read the data in multiple languages, allowing other departments operating in different countries to reuse it.


Additionally, our microservice architecture allows us to solve specific document problems as we plug into existing databases, workflows, and back-end email servers. Through our API, your entire organization can immediately start using our industry-leading intelligent document processing to weave an intelligence “fabric” that connects all of your business intelligence tools together.

Supercharge an ERP or a CRM with intelligent document understanding, or augment your current RPA with AI capabilities and our flexible HitL. Either way, our IDP platform is essential for enterprises looking to improve email processing speed, accuracy, and agility in the modern landscape.

Your business documents come in all shapes and sizes and are funneled through email. This requires rich language understanding to “unlock” the potential business intelligence.

To make sense of it all, you need a business intelligence “fabric” that can pool it all together.

How we help enterprises with Email Processing Automation

Hero Platform_ is an end-to-end intelligent document processing (IDP) platform with native, next-gen AI and enterprise-grade email processing built-in. Hero Platform_ uses advanced AI models for each step of the automated email process. This lends the platform to several use cases, including this one:



Intent analysis

When a new email comes in, Hero Platform_ has an advanced AI model that scans and understands the intent of emails. Our platform can automate fast responses or route emails to the proper departments based on intent. Hero Platform_ then automatically sorts emails and can even send an automated response if additional clarification or supporting documents are needed.


Data extraction

Hero Platform_ understands, classifies, and manages incoming emails and attached files. Scanned forms with handwritten text locked away in invoices, contracts, or photos of receipts are no problem. Our industry-leading OCR extracts essential information from the email content, along with the data locked inside unstructured email attachments.


Intelligent validation

The captured data is then used to verify the relevant customer account and order information stored in an internal database, saving your team time and effort. The extracted information could then go into a support ticket system that creates a new case, allowing your staff to focus on providing top-notch customer service instead of shuffling digital envelopes.


Transform data into action

Likewise, our IDP platform enters the data into your existing software or internal database. The platform's API integrates seamlessly with email servers, CRM software, and AP systems. With the data extracted, Automation Hero can look up information in another system, verify it, and automatically compose and send replies to customers with the appropriate responses.

How modern AI can solve problems in the logistics industry

In this logistics case study learn how the courier, parcel, and express mail division of a large logistics company worked with Automation Hero to help improve its customer experience around price quote requests with the help of intelligent data recognition.

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FAQs about Intelligent Email Processing Automation

What is email processing automation?

Email processing automation refers to the use of artificial intelligence (AI), software, or tools to automate the handling of incoming and outgoing emails. This can include tasks such as sorting and routing emails, responding to emails with predetermined responses, forwarding emails to the appropriate recipients, using optical character recognition (OCR) to extract information from email attachments, and understanding the intent of the email to improve customer service.

How much time does email automation save?

The amount of time that email automation can save will depend on the volume of daily emails, the complexity of the tasks involved in processing those emails, and the efficiency of your email automation tool. Some studies show that using artificial intelligence to automate everyday tasks frees up 20-50% of a single employee’s work time. Additionally, other studies have found that email overload significantly reduces employee productivity, morale, company revenue, and customer satisfaction. If you do not have 24/7 communication support and customers need something while your offices are closed, being able to reply automatically can save days from the customer's perspective. However, email processing automation combined with AI streamlines email processing tasks, so everyone wins.

How much data can email automation handle?

The amount of data that email automation can handle will depend on the specific email automation tool, as well as the hardware and infrastructure that support it. According to www.statista.com, worldwide email traffic is growing 4% annually and is forecast to grow to over 4.5 billion in 2025. With more than 3 billion emails sent every 24 hours, too many emails clog up internal processes. Freeing employees from these distractions is critical to maintaining high productivity levels. Some email automation tools are designed to handle a high volume of data, while others may be more limited. As a result, an effective email processing system is more important than ever.

What type of business needs email processing automation?

Regardless of your business, email processing automation can be a helpful tool for organizations (large or small) looking to improve customer experience with faster response times. Large companies receiving a higher volume of emails and struggling to keep up with the overflow will immediately see the benefits. However, companies handling large volumes of incoming emails with attached documents, such as handwritten forms, will need more advanced technologies to understand and extract unstructured data. End-to-end intelligent document processing (IDP) platforms like Automation Hero have native, next-gen AI and enterprise-grade email processing to help businesses manage and control data streams from unstructured sources, such as emails. Hero Platform_ understands, classifies, and handles any document—including incoming emails with file attachments.


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