Detect intent in emails

Identify intent and route to the appropriate person.


Typically, email routing goes a step beyond spam filtering and lets you copy or redirect emails based on customized rules that can be based on the sender, recipient, or other parameters. Automation Hero goes even further. Our intent detection and classification capabilities use NLP (natural language processing) to recognize whether an email is business or personal, the relevant topic (e.g. sales, claims, customer service, etc.) and the relevant customer or policy. In addition, our dark data extraction technology can pull out relevant information and automatically update it in relevant systems. This streamlines the process, improving both customer and employee satisfaction.

A leading European financial services company was experiencing a higher volume of incoming customer email than it was equipped to handle. With a limited number of sales and customer service representatives, they needed a way to accelerate turnaround time.

Automation Hero developed a solution to automate their business process. Using machine learning and NLP intent analysis, we focused on intent detection for customer emails (e.g. a change in policy request) and automated routing to the appropriate person. The result was a response time three times faster for customers.

In this demo video, automating NLP quote requests, see how we helped a large logistics company improve their customer experience around quotation requests with the help of intelligent data recognition.


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