Anonymous: 80% workload reduction in the logistics industry

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In this logistics case study learn how the courier, parcel, and express mail division of a large logistics company worked with Automation Hero to help improve its customer experience around price quote requests with the help of intelligent data recognition. 

The problem: the logistics company was receiving price quote requests through a variety of methods and channels such as email, personal notes, fax, and phone. Workers were responding to such requests individually and manually, which took hours away from more critical, high-value work. 

Another problem: the structure and information level of these customer requests varied widely. For example, if a customer was requesting the price for sending a package from Frankfurt to Hamburg, sometimes the request included the price of the package, sometimes not. And, simply determining how to respond to a customer took so long that customers grew impatient, or they got angry that their request never got a response at all. The long wait times resulted in many negative customer experiences and missed business opportunities. 

Automation Hero used the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in its Hero_Flow platform to create two AI models that solved the company’s problems.


Case Study Logistics

Anonymous: 80% workload reduction in the logistics industry

Handling unstructured data has never been so easy.

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