Transform the AP process into a unified workflow

Supercharge your invoice processing with an intelligent invoice automation platform


Invoice automation needs more than AI. It needs decision-makers in the loop.


Simplify your AP workflow

Take the entire invoicing process and reduce it from hundreds of clicks to just one or two with our intelligent automation platform.


Process invoices smarter

Companies receive invoices with different requirements and data that must be manually keyed into an ERP. Simplify an error-prone process with industry-leading AI.


Ensure accuracy and security

Automation Hero offers a human-in-the-loop skill builder with a no/low-code environment that closes the gap between people and your automation.


Studies show that the average email response time is 42 hours. Long delays frustrate your customers. And they can be …

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Benefits of Automated Invoice Processing

Everyone's invoices look different. Depending on the vendor, the layouts change for no real reason. Processing each can require full-time departments, but whenever humans have detailed repetitive work, there's always some potential for costly mistakes.

Invoice automation needs AI

Legacy RPA can handle some of the rote busy work. However, rules-based bots have real-world limitations. Since every vendor uses a unique invoice, their brittle interface makes it incredibly difficult to update.

The only way to reach above-human accuracy is to go beyond traditional RPA/OCR. Enter Hero Platform_. It's an advanced automation platform engineered with native AI/cognitive intelligence. It reads, categorizes, and extracts invoice data with above-human accuracy in seconds.


Keep humans in the loop

Key decision-makers must be involved to ensure the company isn’t paying too much for a bill. Any errors can lead to approvals that should not be granted or misfiled invoices that throw off an audit.

Hero Platform_ can look up account information stored in an ERP and compare it with historical purchase orders and even detect fraudulent invoices or incorrect bills — supercharging the QA processes for humans to approve or remit payments 5x faster.


Stability & scalability: deploying intelligent document processing (IDP) as a microservice

Whether scaling up or down, platforms need to be built for rock-solid, stable performance. Your business depends on it. That’s why scalability and stability are the core pillars of the Hero Platform_.

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Control the entire workflow

Whether snail-mailed as paper, emailed as PDFs, or uploaded to online vendor portals, incoming invoices come in a variety of ways. Luckily, our API connects with third-party services, including email providers.

Regardless of where or how invoices arrive, our advanced AI/cognitive intelligence instantly recognizes incoming documents as “invoices” and even routes them to the correct decision-makers for final review — creating an end-to-end hybrid document “flow” for global enterprises to control the entire process.


Unified POs and invoices

After our classification AI model instantly detects incoming documents as “invoices,” it can create a unified hybrid document flow that ties POs and invoices together. Rather than building and maintaining multiple solutions for each validation and approval step, Hero Platform_ keeps the data together — letting your team handle PO numbers when you have them, validate which invoices need POs, cross-check against vendor contracts, and process invoices without PO numbers all as a single data validation workflow — drastically cutting down on the work of recordkeeping and the overflow of paper and storage space.


Guarantee a layer of security

Hero Platform_ offers a human-in-the-loop skill-builder with a no-code environment that allows users to dynamically manage all aspects of the automation with dedicated audit stages between tasks based on the rules you specify.

Our easy-to-use HitL interface enables multi-party reviews and approvals for large invoices — turning randomized audit approvals and other AP compliance protocols into a streamlined, collaborative process. Be the Hero. Correct errors before they occur and close the gap between people and the automation for that extra layer of security.


Agile workflow integration for the modern enterprise

When integrating any new technology, failures are a real concern. Errors in the implementation strategy could carry enormous costs that ripple beyond the automation.


That’s why organizations need to build out iteratively. Our low-code platform and native AI/cognitive intelligence make it easy to build, test, launch, and refine or expand your automation. Contrast this to traditional RPA, where the automation grows so complex that you throw it out and rebuild it all over again — instead of debugging and expanding the implementation you already have.

Additionally, our microservice architecture allows us to solve specific invoicing problems as we plug into existing workflows. Supercharge an ERP system with intelligent document understanding or augment your current RPA with AI capabilities and flexible HitL. Either way, our IDP platform is essential for enterprises looking to improve invoice processing speed, accuracy, and agility in the modern landscape.

How we help enterprises with Invoice Automation

Business is changing, and so is the technology that powers it. Add efficiency and control to invoice processing with our end-to-end intelligent document processing platform.



Data extraction

Automation Hero has a semi-structured AI model that finds the specific parts of invoice pages completely template-free. Then, it combines industry-leading optical character recognition (OCR) to read documents with unmatched accuracy — turning words, numbers, checkboxes, and handwritten messages into data for an ERP, DMS, EDI, or AP system to process in seconds.



While RPAs can only perform rote actions based on direction from users, Automation Hero can classify the data it processes in every invoice and understand who submitted it, what product or service was rendered, and how much it costs — all with minimal or even zero human input.


Analysis and validation

Understanding data allows the platform to match invoices to purchase orders and perform other validations. Workflows can even detect fraudulent invoices or incorrect bills. This helps users streamline the most time-consuming and error-prone phase of the invoice approval process.


Transform data into action

After analyzing data, Automation Hero can automate a number of actions — including routing invoices to key decision-makers for a final review. The platform’s API integrates seamlessly with third-party services, email providers, bookkeeping software, and payment processors — allowing users to update ledgers, remit payment, and notify vendors that an invoice is under review.

How intelligent automation can supercharge your invoice processing

Automation was supposed to streamline accounting workflows, but it seems to have just as many problems as manual processing. That’s where intelligent automation comes in.

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FAQs about Invoice Automation

What is invoice automation, and how can it benefit my organization?

Invoice automation is the process of automating the invoice processing workflow from receipt to payment. Intelligent document processing (IDP) solutions can automate tasks such as data entry, approval workflows, and payment processing, saving your organization significant time and money. Additionally, invoice automation can help reduce errors, improve accuracy, and provide real-time insights into your financial processes.

What is intelligent document processing (IDP), and how does it differ from traditional OCR?

Intelligent document processing (IDP) is a technology that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to extract data from unstructured documents, such as invoices, purchase orders, and receipts. Unlike traditional optical character recognition (OCR) solutions, IDP can interpret the context of the document, identify the relevant data fields, and learn from its mistakes over time, improving accuracy and reducing the need for manual intervention.

How secure is intelligent document processing (IDP), and what measures are in place to protect my sensitive data?

Any time manual processes and human touchpoints are cut back or removed, it doesn’t just increase speed — it also helps with accuracy. It’s incredibly easy for busy workers to misread documents or make typos during data entry. Computers protect against the occurrence of these errors, so there’s less chance of a costly mistake or lost staff hours to auditing something that went wrong. Intelligent document processing (IDP) removes much of the error-prone work from the invoicing process. Additionally, when invoices are processed manually by humans, it’s more difficult to find where mistakes occurred during an audit, as well as who might be responsible for making them. IDP solutions can ensure records are kept in a central location, creating visibility and audit trails.

Can I integrate intelligent document processing (IDP) with my existing ERP or accounting system?

Yes. Intelligent document processing (IDP) solutions can integrate with existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) or accounting systems, such as SAP, Oracle, or QuickBooks. IPD also plugs into your existing robotic process automation (RPA) to get it working smarter. Automation Hero’s Hero Platform_ is the only end-to-end IDP solution with an Application Programming Interface (API) that can plug into external tools to automate invoice processing from start to finish. For example, Automation Hero’s IDP platform integrates with Accounts Payable (AP) systems, Document Management Systems (DMS), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) systems, and Contract Management Systems (CMS) to further automate invoice processing.

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