At Automation Hero, our mission is to empower businesses through artificial intelligence.

We're a team of industry veterans who came together to solve one of the most notorious problems in business - productivity. We see AI as a disruptive force and an opportunity to shake up age-old processes.

Companies are struggling to grow revenue and stay competitive in a landscape that is dominated by antiquated and crumbling processes. Business intelligence firm, Gartner, estimates that the business value of artificial intelligence will reach over $3.9 trillion within the next 5 years. For businesses, harnessing AI is simply not optional - it’s critical.

So we rounded up the best talent and top investors in the big data analytics and AI space to build an unrivaled sales AI platform.

AI has enormous potential to overhaul legacy systems and accelerate business growth. We plan to lead the way.


Automation Hero Management

With close to a century of experience in data analytics, AI and sales combined, we're passionate about delivering our advanced technology platform to the forward-thinking enterprise.


Stefan Groschupf

Founder & CEO

Stefan is an AI and big data veteran and serial entrepreneur. After building his previous company, Datameer, from the ground up to become a leader in big data analytics, Stefan is now focused on leveraging AI to solve the biggest cost and pain point for businesses.

His experience with developing and advising high-growth businesses spans from product inception and development to scaling and operations. At Datameer, he raised ~ $100 million in venture capital and doubled revenue six years in a row. His passion for entrepreneurship has led to his active involvement with a number of accelerators, coaching entrepreneurs on a path to success.

He is a frequent conference speaker, including guest lectures at Stanford and Handels Hochschule Leipzig (one of the earliest global MBA programs), contributor to industry publications and books and holds multiple technology patents.


Ben Wiegelmann

Head of Product

Ben studied marketing, entrepreneurship, and sales at the Berlin School of Economics and Law and the University of Applied Sciences Vienna. For his thesis, Ben developed an innovative new model to measure the quality of different B2B lead generation activities, which has since been implemented across marketing teams of numerous companies around the world.

Ben and Stefan have worked together for over 20 years, supporting each other in their early entrepreneurial projects. Most recently, Ben worked at Datameer as a marketing operation specialist and later as a growth manager.

In his growth management role, he developed new software solutions to optimize Datameer’s sales process, including next-step recommendations, content suggestions, and lead and account prioritization.

As head of product at SalesHero, Ben oversees the development and management of the product’s roadmap based on the company’s adopted strategies and vision.


Subroto Sanyal

Head of Engineering

As head of engineering at SalesHero, Subroto brings with him over 10 years of software engineering experience. Prior to joining the company, he worked with a team of 20 at Huawei, a global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, leading their search and data storage platform team.

He has deep roots in the open source community and has worked on prominent projects such as Hadoop, MapReduce, Tez and Spark.

Subroto previously supported Datameer as a big data architect to strengthen the company’s Hadoop integration around security, performance and execution engines.

He holds a masters degree in Computer Applications.

Headshot_Max Michel

Max Michel

Head of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Max leads research and development in AI, machine learning and data science at SalesHero. Previously, he was a data scientist at Datameer where he built smart AI tools for big data analytics and helped the company leverage the power of machine learning to optimize sales operations.

He is a Bauhaus alumnus and holds a master’s degree in computer science and media. He spent four years publishing research on natural language processing and information retrieval.


Monique Sherman

Head of Marketing

Monique has 10 years’ experience building corporate and individual brands around specialized B2B and B2C technology. At SalesHero, she leverages her expertise in developing and executing integrated marketing campaigns to help clearly articulate the company’s narrative and business value to the market. She has conducted extensive thought leadership campaigns, product launches and social and traditional media relations for emerging technologies.

Prior to SalesHero, Monique led Datameer’s global PR initiatives. Her PR experience kicked off with global communications firms, Bite Communications and Edelman.

Automation Hero Advisors

We're proud to have some of the brightest minds join us in helping define the modern sales process with AI.


Deborah C. Hopkins

Independent Advisor

Debby Hopkins is an Independent Board Member and an active advisor to a number of early-stage companies. Her C suite experiences in finance, technology and innovation across multiple industries allow her to bring a unique view to support management teams in pursuit of growth.

Debby was founder and CEO of Citi Ventures based in Silicon Valley and Citi’s first Chief Innovation Officer and later a senior advisor to Citi’s Investment Bank winning IPOs including VMware, Palo Alto Networks, Arista and Qliktech. Debby retired from Citi in December 2016.

Fortune twice placed Debby in the top 10 most powerful women in business and was on the Institutional Investor’s Top 50 list every year from 2011 until her retirement.


Donald Farmer

Independent Advisor

Donald has been pushing the boundaries of data strategy for almost 30 years, developing and speaking internationally on analytics and innovation. He is currently the principal at Treehive Strategies and prior to Treehive, led the team behind Microsoft’s Power BI and Qlik Sense.

He is a speaker at many international events on business intelligence, data integration and data management, blogger, and author of several books.