At Automation Hero, our mission is to empower businesses through artificial intelligence.

Companies are struggling to grow revenue and stay competitive in a landscape that is dominated by antiquated and crumbling processes. Business intelligence firm, Gartner, estimates that the business value of artificial intelligence will reach over $3.9 trillion within the next 5 years. For businesses, harnessing AI is simply not optional - it’s critical.

So we rounded up the best talent and top investors in the big data analytics and AI space to build an unrivaled sales AI platform.

AI has enormous potential to overhaul legacy systems and accelerate business growth. We plan to lead the way.

Automation Hero Management

With close to a century of experience in data analytics, AI and sales combined, we're passionate about delivering our advanced technology platform to the forward-thinking enterprise.


Stefan Groschupf

Founder & CEO


Ben Wiegelmann

Head of Product


Subroto Sanyal

Head of Engineering


Max Michel

Head of Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Peter Voss

Senior Architect


Hans-Henning Gabriel

Lead Solution Architect


Harald Mueller

Head of Global Sales


Monique Sherman

Head of Marketing


Friedrich Sulk

Operations and Partnerships

Automation Hero Advisors

We're proud to have some of the brightest minds join us in helping define the modern sales process with AI.


Deborah C. Hopkins

Independent Advisor


Donald Farmer

Independent Advisor