Automation Hero's IPA platform let's users take control.

Effortless Desk and Web Automations

Even novice users can easily record desktop and web workflows as automations. Approved and verified versions can be shared across the organization. Automation replays can be manually triggered by end users or events.

Use cases include extracting data from any web interface, filling out and submitting forms, updating and interacting with web-based and business applications.

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From Elementary to Complex Automation Builds

Hero_Flow's Flow Studio allows customers to easily point-and-click together end-to-end automations using more than 300 functions. Built-in orchestration means users are in control when and how automations are run at no additional cost.


Deep Learning Made Easy

Users can create powerful deep learning AI models [TensorFlow] in our AI Studio without writing any code, using a simple point-and-click interface. Users can also operationalize and share their models. Whether you’re a deep learning novice or a busy expert, this straightforward studio massively accelerates the impact of AI throughout your organization.


Take a peek behind the AI curtain

Our advanced enterprise solution, Hero_Flow, combines fast data, AI and business process management capabilities to optimize for modern workloads.

Meet Your Enterprise AI Assistant

Automation Hero removes the barriers to automation adoption by offering Robin, a personal AI assistant for your employees. Each day Robin emails the users with a list of automation tasks it can perform pending their approval.
No action is taken on the backend without explicit approval so end users feel in control.

Our fully autonomous model can also be set up on the backend and completes tasks seamlessly in the background without human involvement. These attended or unattended automations are completely customizable to the needs of the organization.


On-demand Cloud / On Premise

Hero_Flow is accessible on the cloud with consumption-based pricing. Or, contact us to learn about our on-premise offering.

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