The end-to-end intelligent automation platform you've been looking for.


Automation Hero was developed from the beginning as a new business platform combining RPA, iBPMS, iPAAS and decision management tools.

We call this platform Hero_Flow.



Add intelligence to automations you've uploaded, or point-and-click together your own powerful deep learning AI models.



Simply point-and-click together your automations and AI models with pre-set operators that allow easy maintenance.


Intelligent Back End

Data integration, preparation, processing and automation all runs on a powerful back-end.


Highly Scalable and Elastic

Scale from one to 1,000 servers to respond to your needs even as workloads vary.


Easy Integration

Go beyond simple click automation with easy integration into modern or legacy IT systems with pre-built connectors.


Structure what is Unstructured

NLP and OCR capabilities to understand complex unstructured data and transform into meaningful information.

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Building intelligent automations has never been so easy.

  • icon-lightbulb-whiteOver 50 point-and-click sources and sinks means no coding needed
  • icon-eliminate-whiteSimply record or build complex intelligent automations in our drag-and-drop user interface
  • icon-integration-whiteCreate powerful workflows and combine with data processing using over 300 built-in operators

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Hero_Flow brings you into the new age of business automation.

Drive your digital transformation with an all-in-one toolbox that makes automation intelligent and easily accessible. There's no limit to what you can automate.


RPA for web scraping and automation

Even novice users can easily record browser workflows like extracting data from one web application and copying it to another. Avoid the millions of repetitive clicks that take valuable time away from your team every day.

Automation designers can build complex automations and share via Hero_Go for easy click solutions that simply run on a desktop. With Hero_Go you can also use any web application as a data source when building complex automations in Flow Studio.

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Share Automations

Share web automations across the organization.


Automation Triggers

Automation replays can be manually triggered by end users or events.



Access via a Chrome browser extension or a headless virtual machine.

Flow Studio

Point-and-click together entire automations for business workflows

Automate from micro-services to long-running processes by integrating work and data flows. Connect, prepare and process your data, integrate AI and then deliver unattended or attended.



No-code, Visual Presentation

A visual development platform empowers developers to design solutions to the challenges they face every day, without writing a single line of code.


Process Orchestration

Built-in orchestration means users are in control when and how automations are run with no additional licensing.


75+ Connectors

Option to connect to multiple types of data sources with more than 75 connectors, including email clients, CRMs, ERPs and databases via our JDBC connector, and much more.


Smart Reporting

Receive notifications and monitor your systems all through smart logs in our environment, or in yours.


Performance Overview

Real-time monitoring for efficiency and resource allocation.



Customize functions to support the unique needs of your organization. And, develop connectors directly with our Java SDK to integrate with external systems.

AI Studio

Bring or build your own AI models

Data analysts and RPA developers are empowered to create, train, validate and deploy their own powerful deep learning AI models with no code required and using a simple point-and-click interface.

As a data scientist, build intelligence into your automations by uploading your own AI TensorFlow or Keras models.

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Take a peek behind the AI curtain

Our advanced enterprise solution, Hero_Flow, combines fast data, AI and business process management capabilities to optimize for modern workloads.


Automations your human workforce will love

In addition to unattended automations, Automation Hero offers Robin, a personal virtual assistant for your knowledge workers. Robin is proactive and adaptive to create an approachable integration between AI and humans.



Humans Stay in Control

With attended automations users can review, add or delete information, and approve before the automation is carried out. The human always gives final approval before any action is taken.


Personified Attended Automations

Removes barriers to automation adoption by delivering automations via a personified personal assistant, Robin. The goal is to assist, not replace.


Works on All Devices

Robin works on all devices with no installation needed. A to-do list of tasks are emailed to best fit into the daily process of human workers.


Targeted Exception Handling

Robin filters what it can handle and then only presents what needs human input.


Gamified Approach

Encourages users to use and verify automations through gamification and friendly UI.



A WYSIWYG editor that allows custom building of Robin’s to-do list and define what information is shown to your employees and how often it’s delivered.

Hybrid Cloud

On-demand cloud / on premise

Hero_Flow is accessible on the cloud with consumption-based pricing. Or, contact us to learn about our on-premise offering.

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