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Hero Platform_



Go beyond traditional process mining. In addition to visually mapping the largest and most complex processes, turn your historical process data into an AI model to predict and test potential outcomes. You can also monitor and measure your improvements in real time. Imagine training your AI model with the wisdom of your company experts.




Your teams can directly build intelligent automations for the challenges they face every day, without writing a single line of code. An accessible point-and-click interface makes it easy, transparent, and fast with built-in orchestration at no extra charge.




Work with all of your important data by easily connecting to internal and external data sources with pre-built connectors (or via API).


Connectors and counting, plus customized APIs



Do-it-yourself AI lets you add intelligence to your automations at any step without relying on advanced data science resources. Combining pre-templated complex AI models -- Intelligent OCR, Classification and Extraction -- with your domain-specific knowledge creates an unparalleled super intelligence. Immediately deploy, get feedback and optimize.


Lets you instantly determine the category of a document.


Makes it incredibly simple for non-technical users to retrieve any type of data from a document.

Intelligent OCR

Quickly turns images into text and processable data. This includes words, handwritten phrases or signatures, images, QR codes, checkboxes, and complex tables — with impeccable accuracy.


You can also operationalize previous AI investments by importing and deploying existing AI models into the Hero Flow_ platform.




Attended and unattended automations are available. Attended can be delivered via customizable notifications within any preferred workflow. This modern approach ensures the best possible outcomes by combining AI with your human expertise at the right place and time. A continuous feedback loop between human input and AI models improves model quality.

Automation Designers

Iteratively design a customized task list and the layout of the task details page with our drag-and-drop UI builder.

Customizable For more demanding requirements of how tasks are presented, the builder experience provides full HTML editor for advanced users.

Targeted Exception Handling Tasks can be configured for individual users involved throughout the automation workflow, especially in use cases around document processing.

Continuous Learning Leverage human input for your ever-changing intelligent automation process requirements.

Business End Users

Easily and securely access your to-do list via your private web portal or by following email alerts. Or, customize notifications in a way that better accommodates your daily routine.

Humans Stay in Control When requested, users can review, correct, add or delete any information before an automation is carried out.

Increase Intelligent Decision Making Robin can request human input when an unattended automation does not reach a confidence threshold on certain decisions.

No Training Required Business users only need to know their business process; it's ready for the core business user, no training required.

Technical / Operational Managers

Streamline administration and maintenance with easy access and integration.

All-device Access Access is browser-based and doesn’t require any installation. Delivery mechanism of the task list can be customized.

Fully Managed The attended automation Web application lifecycle is fully managed by the Hero Flow_ platform.

Secure Access control is role-based to regulate who can view or complete tasks.


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Track the performance of automations visually in detail-rich customizable dashboards.


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