From writing new policies to processing claims, IDP helps you unlock the data within your documents and reduce the processing time.

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Our user-friendly interface allows anyone to build AI models and automate workflows, allowing our platform to be easily mastered within a few days. You can save your firm hundreds of hours of manual tasks by using Automation Hero’s intelligent automation platform.


Automate Invoice Processing

Take the entire invoicing process and reduce it from hundreds of clicks to just one or two with our intelligent automation platform.


Expedite Claims Processing

Replace the entire labor-intensive and error-prone process of claims processing with an intelligently automated workflow.


Convert PDFs into Usable Data

Categorize hundreds of PDFs and documents, automatically extract the important data and utilize OCR to record the information where needed.


Eliminate repetitive processes required to process a claim.

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Insurance Use Cases


End-to-end document processing for any type of document

Document processing is one of the trickiest problems in the business world.


Optimize insurance cross selling and upselling

Alert the relevant sales rep of cross-sell opportunities.


Make email processing more efficient

Daily worldwide email processing has increased steadily, with…


Automate common customer requests

Automate proper next steps based on the intent.

"We couldn’t be self-sufficient with other intelligent automation platforms. Almost everything out there requires a fleet of data scientists. We wanted something more accessible that would still leverage the human aspects of a process but add a layer of intelligent automation."

Eoin Grace, Deputy Head of IT, Markerstudy


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An insurance group shifts from RPA to IPA

At Automation Hero, nearly 80 percent of our clients have been on some sort of automation journey, often using RPA (robotic process automation). British insurance group Markerstudy falls into this category.

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SM Stationary Branding Mock Up (Volume I)

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Automation Hero for Insurance

If you’re in the insurance business, plenty of issues keep you up at night — perhaps it’s climate change, technological change, a tightening job market, or a legislative overhaul waiting in the wings.

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SM Stationary Branding Mock Up (Volume I)

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Thought Leadership

Video: Our founder’s fireside chat on claims automation

Get tips from Automation Hero CEO Stefan Groschupf from the Claims Innovation conference.


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We test Automation Hero's OCR against Google Vision.