Automation for Insurance

From writing new policies to processing claims, intelligent document processing unlocks the data in your documents and reduces the processing time.

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Hero Platform_ revolutionizes document processing for insurance providers. Free up time and resources, so you can focus on what matters most — serving customers.


Automate Invoice Processing

Take the entire invoicing process and reduce it from hundreds of clicks to just one or two with our intelligent automation platform.


Expedite Claims Processing

Replace the entire labor-intensive and error-prone process of claims processing with an intelligently automated workflow.


Streamline customer communication

Our AI can read and understand the intent of customer emails. It even automates responses — or routes them to the proper department.

"We couldn’t be self-sufficient with other intelligent automation platforms. Almost everything out there requires a fleet of data scientists. We wanted something more accessible that would still leverage the human aspects of a process but add a layer of intelligent automation."

Eoin Grace, Deputy Head of IT, Markerstudy


Uses of Automation in Insurance

Save your team hundreds of hours and experience a new level of efficiency with an intelligent automation platform that transforms underwriters into “Thunderwriters.

Expedite claims processing

Most of the manual effort in processing claims involves reviewing documents from incoming customer emails, such as photos of damages, receipts, bills, and other proof of ownership. Hero Platform_ handles every step of the claims management process — including document classification, data extraction, email routing, and data entry. It even helps automate invoice payments. Our API integrates existing ERPs, pushes payment authorizations and notifies customers that their claim has been closed.

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Transform underwriting

Insurers handle volumes of emails with additional data locked away in forms and scanned images of handwritten applications, medical records, reports, and other documents critical to underwriting. But, insurers can’t assess the risks of new customers if the data they have on them (or their assets) remain stuck inside inaccessible documents. Hero Platform_ can sort emails, extract data, and even send automated responses if supporting documents are needed.

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Expedite the Insurance Intake Process with Intelligent Document Processing

Automate the extraction and processing of critical information from documents such as emails, forms, letters, faxes and other correspondence.

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Enhance policy lifecycles

When policyholders want to cancel or renew a policy, your team receives the requests in two ways: an email with content in the email body, or attachments with additional content stuck in a PDF. Hero Platform_ detects intent — (is this a renewal or a cancellation?) — and verifies identity. If everything lines up, Hero Platform_ alerts a ticketing system to close or renew the policy and even sends a billing notification with the appropriate reply.

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Automate customer requests

Some of the most common requests are minor address changes, contract cancellations, or adding and removing people or assets from a policy. But these tasks take reps and brokers away from their core duties. Hero Platform_ easily automates these repetitive tasks. Our intent classification AI can accurately understand what customers are asking for — reducing the emails your team needs to review and reply to — so customers get helped faster.

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Optimize cross-selling and upselling

Companies are more likely to sell to an existing customer than a new one. We can help you identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities for existing policyholders. Our platform assesses policyholder information, compares it to others with similar data, and alerts a sales rep, or broker of the cross-sell opportunity. Think of it like the “customers who viewed this item also bought” feature in retail and e-commerce, but for insurance policies.

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Automating insurance claims: The complete guide

After decades of dragging their feet, insurance companies are taking big leaps into automation. That’s especially true in the claims department, where managers know that an increased volume of claims means they must think more strategically than ever about ways to boost efficiency.

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Classifying and inputting documents

The best CRMs, document management software, and policy administration platforms struggle to manage the data points stuck in unstructured documents.

Hero Platform_ reads policyholder contracts and claims forms, such as accident reports and medical records, like a team of tenured underwriters. It automatically sorts documents into categories and extracts information from scanned copies of handwritten text with above-human accuracy.

It even updates your internal databases and routes emails to the appropriate department. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a system that categorizes emails and documents automatically?


Discover the impact of AI on document forgery detection for critical documents.

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Insurance Use Cases


Expedite claims processing

Eliminate repetitive processes required to process a claim.


Automate multiple aspects of underwriting

Underwriting is essentially risk assessment, and in the …


Process proof of prior insurance documents

One of the most common steps in onboarding new insurance customers is checking for proof of prior insurance.

two people looking at a computer screen to cancel their insurance policy

Cancel an insurance policy automatically

Learn how Automation Hero can help insurers automate …

How Automation Hero works with the Insurance Industry

Automation will fundamentally transform the insurance industry. Hero Platform_ can replace an entire labor-intensive and error-prone process with an automated intelligent data recognition workflow.

Accuracies Field-Level


Legacy OCR technology might help insurers sort emails and attached documents for each claim. For example, a claim request might come with a standard printed form, some handwritten notes, and photographs of damaged property.

When it comes to unlocking critical data stuck inside unstructured documents, traditional OCR and other template-based approaches just won’t cut it. Even with the best quality scanners and document quality, insurers might get up to 50-60% accuracy with legacy OCR.


In the table, Competitor 1 converted the handwriting into gibberish - while Competitor 2 didn't perform much better. On the other hand, Automation Hero's Context-aware OCR recognized and converted scribble with 100% accuracy, even with cursive scrawl and poor scan quality.

However, our industry-leading Context-aware OCR is 281% more accurate at handwriting recognition than the leading competitor. Our patent-pending OCR extracts critical information from insurance documents in just seconds.

No matter what documents your department receives — whether related to a policy, underwriting, or claims management, Hero Platform_’s intelligent document processing handles every step of the process with above-human accuracy.

Our platform can even incorporate existing fraud models triggered by high claim amounts or fatalities and our human-in-the-loop attended automation flags claims needing a human touch for quick batch review before payout. Our award-winning technology is built to handle it all.

How it works

• Integrate into any IT operation or Upload any needed document(s)

• Document(s) automatically scanned and stored

• Document(s) are automatically reviewed for accuracy based on company-specifics

• Human-in-the-loop (Provides an opportunity to review for sensitive, flagged, or compliance document(s))

• Document(s) automatically entered into asset registers and other form management systems

• Document(s) distributed via system(s) or to review personnel(s)

Insurance Success Stories

Insurance FAQ

What is intelligent document processing (IDP), and how does it work in insurance?

Intelligent document processing (IDP) is a technology that uses artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning (ML) to extract, classify, and transform unstructured documents into structured data. For example, IDP can help everyone in the insurance industry process insurance documents faster — from underwriters to claims adjusters, policy managers, and even sales representatives.

How can IDP benefit insurance companies?

Since IDP can extract critical information stuck in claims documents, invoices, policies, and even scanned copies of handwriting with above-human accuracy, IDP frees up more time to focus on higher-level tasks that improve the customer experience and generate more revenue. IDP can also benefit insurance companies by reducing data entry and document management costs. It can also help with compliance and regulatory concerns.

What types of documents can IDP process in insurance?

IDP can process various documents in the insurance industry, including insurance claims, invoices, policies, underwriting documents, contracts, and photos of text or scanned copies of free-form handwritten notes.

Is IDP compatible with existing insurance systems and processes?

IDP easily integrates with an insurance company's workflow and existing tools. It can also recognize text locked away in various image formats, such as PDFs, JPGs, and PNGs. With the data extracted, IDP can update an internal database or connect to an email server and route emails to appropriate departments with a customer service response. Insurers can also use IDP with their current RPA implementation, policy administration platform, fraud detection system, or CRM to capture important information stuck inside policyholder documents or contracts and make comparative analyses for compliance. This is beneficial in cases where insurance providers must compare legal documents with different jurisdictions or health insurance regulations.

What level of accuracy can insurers expect with IDP?

The level of accuracy with IDP in insurance can vary depending on the quality of the documents being processed and the complexity of the data extraction required. For example, IDP may need help accurately processing documents with low-quality images or handwritten notes. Additionally, IDP may need help understanding the context of the data it is processing. The limitation is due to the limits of legacy OCR technology that many IDP vendors use to attempt handwriting recognition. However, an IDP platform, such as Automation Hero's Hero Platform_ uses patent-pending Context-aware OCR, which is significantly more accurate at handwriting recognition than legacy OCR technology.

Can IDP be used for fraud detection in insurance?

Yes, IDP can be used for fraud detection in insurance by analyzing document data and identifying inconsistencies or anomalies. Some IDP vendors, such as Automation Hero, use an application programming interface (API) that can incorporate existing fraud models. IDP vendors like Automation Hero might also use a human-in-the-loop interface that flags claims for quick batch review before payout.

How long will implementing IDP in an insurance company take?

The time it takes to implement intelligent document processing technology in an insurance company can vary depending on the size of the insurance company, the complexity of its document management processes, and the IDP vendor providing the implementation. However, Automation Hero's IDP system uses a REST API, enabling customized integration with existing tools faster than any IDP vendor on the market.

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