Insurance Use Cases

Invoice Processing

For an employee within the financial department of any business, invoice processing can be a laborious and time-consuming process.

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Scheduling Automation

Automation Hero reduces the back-and-forth it takes to confirm an appointment by drafting an email response and creating a calendar event for that meeting.

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Activity Tracking

Automation Hero automatically logs and updates CRM records for sales representatives, which increases team productivity and revenue.

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Best Next Step

Automation Hero augments sales rep’s behaviors to improve conversion rates by giving next best steps recommendations based on past steps that led to success.

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Churn Prediction

Automation Hero analyzes customer behavior to find risk factors, alerts the sales or service representative and offers recommendations to reduce money outflow.

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Cross and Up-sell Prediction

A leading European financial services company tracks the behavior of its top sales reps to apply their tactics for cross and up-selling.

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Risk of Policy Lapse

Automation Hero can reduce the money outflow by alerting the insurance broker of the risk before a customer cancels their policy.

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Automate Common Customer Requests

Automation Hero’s natural language processors can understand the intent of a human message and automate proper next steps based on the determined intent.

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Claim Processing

Automation Hero’s AI automation platform eliminates the repetitive processes required to process an insurance claim, cutting costs and increasing productivity.

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Document Generation

Using field mapping technology, Automation Hero can pull data from both structured (CRM system data, spreadsheets) and unstructured sources (emails, Word documents) to create …

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Cross-sell Financial Products

Automation Hero can identify opportunities for brokers to cross-sell or bundle additional policies by comparing the policies of others with similar information.

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Customer Intelligence/ Rep Briefings

Automation Hero can provide a broker with valuable information and recommendations based on the needs of the customer.

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CRM Data Quality Maintenance

Automation Hero increases the accuracy and reliability of customer data for businesses by automating CRM and database updates.

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Predictive Lead Scoring

Automation Hero can suggest new leads to sales representatives and prioritize new and existing lead lists based on their probability to convert.

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