How Automation Can Improve Insurance Sales Outreach

insurance sales outreach

In this case study, we discuss how the marketing and sales teams at a major insurance company used intelligent automation — specifically Automation Hero’s automation assistant Robin — to improve their insurance sales outreach campaigns. 

In the past, the marketing department at the insurance company regularly launched campaigns, contacting several thousand customers via email or letter. Afterwards, sales agents would follow up with each customer. But the sales and marketing departments were handing off information via Excel spreadsheets — a handoff that was not always smooth. It also created confusion, as many employees were making changes in the same Excel document, and the whole process involved hours of manual work. 

Automation Hero helped the insurance company streamline the entire process with its automation assistant, Robin, so that the handoffs run more smoothly. In our platform, customer data can be enriched with more information from a centralized database, including information that helps sales agents prioritize who to call first. Agents can also see the customer’s status in the campaign, and managers can review daily stats for each campaign to measure progress.  

Learn more about how automation is improving the sales agents’ outreach by reading the full case study below. And, there is a recorded session from the 2020 event RPA/IPA Live that provides a video version. 


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How Automation Can Improve Insurance Sales Outreach