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Upgrade to a platform designed to revolutionize document processing for manufacturers.

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Hero Platform_ revolutionizes document processing for manufacturers. Free up time and resources, so you can focus on what matters most — growing your business.


Ensure compliance

Compliance relies on accurate documentation. Intelligent document processing increases efficiency, reduces errors, and streamlines processes for a smoother supply chain.


Optimize your supply chain

Inefficient processes impact more than just customers. Workers need a versatile platform to respond quickly to a changing supply chain. Upgrade to a platform with next-gen AI/cognitive intelligence.


Streamline communication

Hero Platform_ integrates with existing ERP and supply chain management software to become your intelligence platform for deeper collaboration with seamless data flows.

Uses of Document Automation in Manufacturing

Intelligent document processing automatically reads and processes documents with above-human accuracy. Experience a new level of efficiency with Hero Platform_ and watch operations soar.

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

Accurate quality control is critical in production facilities — especially in labs that demand compliance with absolute precision. CoA documents guarantee the safety of consumable goods. Intelligent document processing (IDP) streamlines every step of the QA process by accurately reading and understanding CoA documents with above-human accuracy — providing food and drug companies the confidence to exceed quality assurance standards for their customers.

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Product Safety Data Sheet Extraction

Product safety sheets provide instructions for properly handling hazardous materials should they leak or spill — so extracting the key data points and logging them in a database is vital. Since these documents lack a fixed layout, legacy OCR struggles to find the unstructured data. Maintaining a database from “stuck” information might be time-consuming and error-prone for humans — but Hero Platform_’s Context-aware OCR solves this in seconds.

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How intelligent automation can supercharge your invoice processing

Automation was supposed to streamline accounting workflows, but it seems to have just as many problems as manual processing.

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Invoice Processing

Rescue procurement teams from mountains of paperwork with our no-template, next-gen AI data extraction platform. Hero Platform_ reads invoices and transforms essential information into actions. Once you’ve extracted the essential data from invoices, analyze and validate it with expert document understanding. Hero Platform_ can look up account information stored in other places and compare it with historical purchase orders for quality assurance — speeding up invoice data input & output end-to-end.

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Inventory Management

IDP reduces the time your warehouse spends on data entry and improves inventory management with real-time data accuracy. Hero Platform_ extracts information from invoices, purchase orders, delivery notes, product tags, bills of lading, change requests, quality assurance records, and shipping labels — making it easy for sourcing & procurement teams to maintain optimal inventory levels at all times. Transform your inventory management with IDP.

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Customer Service and Vendor Communication

Intelligent document processing revolutionizes communication with customers and vendors. With accurate data in real-time, you can make informed decisions and respond promptly to inquiries across channels. Hero Platform_ understands the intent of emails, so it automates fast responses to customer requests and routes emails to the proper departments when a human needs to be involved. Human-in-the-loop improves collaboration, and our intent classification AI enhances your decision-making by providing critical data to the people who need it most.

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Manage Supply Chain Chaos With Intelligent Automation

Business as usual no longer works — especially in supply chain management. Procurement and logistics teams need new tools to keep up with labor and material shortages, route disruption, and record-breaking demand.

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Classifying and inputting documents

There are up to 50 critical data points stuck inside technical product safety data sheets throughout the QA process. However, even the best supply chain management software struggles to manage them.

Hero Platform_ reads quality assurance documents like a tenured subject matter expert. It sorts documents into categories and extracts essential data with above-human accuracy. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a system that categorizes emails and documents automatically? Hero Platform_ can.


Discover the impact of AI on document forgery detection for critical documents.

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Manufacturing Use Cases


Extract information from auto documents

From car titles to loan documents, our data …


Classify documents with intelligent character recognition

In many business scenarios, an essential daily task.


Smooth out online ordering

The shift to e-commerce means companies large and ...


Detect the intent in emails

Identify intent and route to the appropriate person.

How Automation Hero works with Manufacturers

Our end-to-end intelligent document processing platform has an API that integrates smoothly and securely with existing systems — making manual tasks automatic and reducing errors. Here’s how Hero Platform_ revolutionizes document processing for manufacturers.

Many manufacturers still use manual data entry, but this slows down the turnaround time, stifles innovation, and creates quality control issues that are costly to fix.

From inventory management to purchasing and shipping, Automation Hero reduces the manual effort required to process essential documents — giving manufacturers the flexibility they need to become a truly agile enterprise.

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Manufacturing case study

For example — one of our customers, Würth Industry, needed help extracting multiple data points from product safety datasheets and updating an internal database every two years.


At Würth Industry, extracting the information from these unstructured or semi-structured documents was its biggest challenge. There are up to 50 essential data points locked away in each product safety data sheet, and since these documents do not follow a fixed layout, unlocking the critical information stuck inside them is a laborious, time-consuming task.

Accuracies Field-Level


Using Hero Platform_, Würth Industry reduced the time spent per document by 90% — increasing the average extraction accuracy for all values by up to 95.5% and achieving a whopping 100% accuracy rating for “H-code” values.

Since Automation Hero combines different AI engines to extract the desired field values from the documents — our approach is entirely independent of structural layout and vendor. Our patent-pending Context-aware OCR reads documents like a human expert, so it extracts all of the essential data points for you — letting you rebuild complex business processes with ease. Here’s how it works:

Automation Hero’s technology at a glance:

• Würth Industry receives the documents as attachments from emails — and Hero Platform’s API securely accesses the emails for further processing.

• Hero Platform_’s advanced AI classification model reads the email attachments like a human and automatically sorts them into categories by document type.

• Hero Platform_ uses industry-leading AI models to extract data from documents.

• Hero Platform_ looks up the information in another system, verifies it, and automatically composes and sends a reply to customers with the appropriate response.

• Outputs the data to a CSV file in orchestration with your existing RPA implementation.

• Integrates the data into your SAP or any database via Rest API.

• For an extra layer of security, human-in-the-loop allows employees to implement dedicated audit stages in-between tasks — enabling employees to correct errors before they occur.


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Manufacturing FAQ

How does intelligent document processing (IDP) work in the manufacturing industry?

Intelligent document processing (IDP) is the technology that uses artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) to read, extract, classify, and validate data from various types of structured and unstructured documents. In the manufacturing industry, IDP can automate many tasks, including data entry, automated document classification, and data extraction. IDP can also integrate with existing SAP, ERP, or with any accounting software, helping manufacturers reduce errors and improve the accuracy of their data.

What are the use cases for IDP in the manufacturing industry?

Intelligent document processing can help manufacturers automate many business processes that rely on paperwork, such as structured or unstructured documents. Some common document processes that IDP automates in the manufacturing industry include invoicing, purchase order processing, delivery note management, bill of lading management, and quality assurance compliance. By automating these processes, IDP helps manufacturers reduce their dependence on manual labor, which frees employees to focus on more strategic tasks.

Can IDP be integrated with other software used by manufacturers?

Yes, intelligent document processing (IDP) can integrate with other software tools used by manufacturers. Some examples include enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, such as Salesforce. It can also plug into an existing RPA implementation to get it working smarter — or an internal database, such as SAP or accounting software that looks up the account information stored in another system — speeding up data input and output. By integrating IDP with these systems, manufacturers can streamline workflows and automate data transfer between applications and their departments, reducing manual labor and improving business efficiency.

How can IDP help improve efficiency in the manufacturing industry?

Intelligent document processing improves efficiency in the manufacturing industry by streamlining manual and time-consuming tasks, such as data entry, data extraction, and validation. For example, manufacturers can immediately start using IDP to capture important information stuck inside invoices and compare it against historical purchase order data for quality assurance. As a result, IDP can reduce errors and improve data accuracy by automating these processes, enabling manufacturers to make more informed decisions and drive growth.

Are there any limitations to using IDP in the manufacturing industry?

IDP may need help accurately processing documents with low-quality images or handwritten notes. Additionally, IDP may need help understanding the context of the data it is processing, which can lead to inaccuracies in the extracted information. These limitations are due to the limits of legacy OCR technology that many IDP vendors use to read handwriting. However, an IDP platform, such as Automation Hero’s Hero Platform_ uses next-gen Context-aware OCR that is significantly more accurate at handwriting recognition compared to traditional OCR. For example, Context-aware OCR is 281% more accurate at handwriting recognition than the leading competitor and more than 90% accurate at cursive recognition. When this much attention is put into recognizing handwriting, accuracy improves for all machine-typed documents as well, — which can be particularly useful in industries where many documents are handwritten, such as in the manufacturing and supply chain sectors.

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