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Invoice Processing and Approval Automation

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For an employee within the financial department of a business, invoice processing can be a laborious and time-consuming process. It’s estimated that when this process is done manually, companies pay $12 to $17 for each invoice to be approved. This can add up, as the average small business gets about 40 invoices a day, totaling more than $125,000 a year spent on invoice processing alone.

Processing an invoice requires an employee to transfer information from invoices like a dollar amount or the date into an invoice capturing system. With Automation Hero, this process can easily be automated.

Demo Video

In the below demo video, see how we automate a simple invoice approval process.


In this tutorial, see how you can set up the Automation Hero Robin interface for the above invoice approval use case.


In this tutorial, see how Automation Hero integrates with Salesforce Service Cloud. We will show how partners can submit invoices via email. Through the email-to-case function the cases will be created in the Service Cloud. Automation Hero will access Salesforce cases and extract all information from the invoices, including amount, date and vendor.

The invoice information is extracted using OCR and Hero Flow will create records on the invoice table in Salesforce. Then the case status is updated to accepted and the owner of the case is notified by the Salesforce bell notification.

Use Case

Automate Invoice Processing

In this use case, learn how we use attended automation to extract information from documents and alert the employee that all data has been prepared and that an automation can now be triggered to input all information into the processing system.


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