Stability & scalability: Deploying intelligent document processing (IDP) as a microservice

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Whether scaling up or down, platforms need to be built for rock-solid, stable performance. Your business depends on it. That’s why scalability and stability are the core pillars of the Hero Platform_. 

Automation Hero is the only solution in the market that executes all automation processes in a distributed manner. The Hero Platfrom_ even scales up to hundreds of servers elastically and in parallel.

As a clustered system, Automation Hero is also the only intelligent document processing (IDP) and automation product with fault tolerance built-in at the core of the platform. When a server crashes in an Automation Hero cluster, another server automatically takes over the work without suffering any data loss. 
With these design pillars at the core of the Hero Platform_, learn how deploying intelligent document processing as a Micro Service speeds up critical tasks in document processes — every step of the way.


Stability and Scalability

Pave the way for modern IDP deployment with stability & scalability.

Handling unstructured data has never been so easy.

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