Convert Unstructured Data into Structured Data

DAD-Use-CaseLogistics Case Study: Converting Unstructured Data to Structured Data

Companies around the globe have struggled with extracting information from PDF documents – it’s unstructured and messy. This becomes a manual nightmare as employees are tasked to decipher complex documents, often needing to navigate hand-written form fills and copy/pasting the data into the necessary database. Working with a global fleet management company, Automation Hero automated this very time-intensive and manual process. How?

A crucial obstacle involved understanding the layout of each document and converting image snippets into text. Automation Hero developed an AI model that was trained on historical data to understand the layout of the documents and normalize them. Another AI model used this information to precisely locate the text and extract as image snippets. Lastly, an OCR model converts the image snippets into text.

In this use case, classify documents with intelligent character recognition, learn how we built an AI model that scans and understands the intent of any printed or digital documents. Based on that intent, the software can then automate a response to the request or route it to the proper department.


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