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Classify documents with intelligent character recognition

Classify documents with intelligent character recognition.


In many business scenarios, an essential daily task is scanning, classifying and extracting key information from printed and digital documents. For financial auditors, for example, intelligent character recognition might mean automatically classifying documents related to a potential client during the preliminary phase. In this phase, an auditor has a short amount of time to assess a prospect, so automatically classifying unstructured data steps up efficiency when time is critical.

In insurance, intelligent character recognition might mean sorting which documents are part of a claim. An email about an insurance claim could come with a standard printed form, or it might include a handwritten note or a photograph of a wrecked motorcycle. At Automation Hero, we can build an AI model that scans and understands the intent of any human message. Based on that intent, the software can then automate a response to the request or route it to the proper department.

Automating classification both reduces manual tasks for employees and helps customers get faster service.

In this demo video, converting unstructured data to structured data, see how we developed an AI model that was trained on historical data to understand the layout of the documents and normalize them. Another AI model used this information to precisely locate the text and extract as image snippets. Lastly, an OCR model converts the image snippets into text.


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