How to handle customer complaints efficiently with workflow automation

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It happens to the best companies. Here and there, a customer issues a complaint. The bigger the company and the more products it sells, the more complaints it will receive — in some cases, from many different sources. Online support forms and chats, emails, and even letters. Sometimes you might find spam messages among these emails, and occasionally, other requests like address changes or other support requests.

It adds up quickly! Introducing a support ticket system is a step in the right direction, but employees still need to handle the flood of incoming requests. The customer support group will have to copy the data into the ticket system and evaluate every incoming message. 

This video will show how the Automation Hero platform, workflow automation, and AI capabilities help the customer support team stay on top of these challenges and focus on what is essential and provide answers to your customers before they buy their products and services somewhere else.

We provide a deeper look into AI-based intent classification to identify customer complaints, AI-based text extraction to receive relevant information from complaints that support the customer support team, and workflow automation to keep your systems up to date.

The automation workflow provides native connections to all involved data sources and the company’s CRM (Salesforce) to create support tickets. Ready-to-use AI components evaluate every incoming message and decide automatically if the support team needs to get involved via a support ticket (Salesforce Case).

Introducing the Automation Hero platform: With The Hero Platform_, we provided a way for the support team to shift their focus away from analyzing the intent of incoming messages and manually updating systems to handling the customer’s complaint. This reduced response times and increased customer satisfaction, allowing the company to streamline its application footprint and improve data integrity by integrating different data sources into a single ticketing system.


Handling unstructured data has never been so easy.

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