Automation Hero on AWS

Automation Hero and Amazon Web Services (AWS) empower businesses to unlock the data and insights trapped in any document.

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"We're excited to leverage the power of Automation Hero and AWS to streamline our claims process and reduce manual effort. Now, we can handle large volumes of claims with speed and accuracy, delivering a better customer experience."

Eoin Grace, Deputy Head of IT at Markerstudy



Industry-leading AI

Read all types of documents like a human would, and with greater accuracy—up to 283% greater—than the competition.


End-to-end platform

Automatically process your documents—from reading and classifying text to extracting and outputting data, all while integrating with your current tech stack.


User-first experience

A no-code interface gives you the ultimate flexibility to build and edit workflows, which allows your team to scale your automation without IT.

Users can easily take advantage of patent-pending AI document processing and GPT-based natural language understanding capabilities, including, but not limited to:

  • typed and handwritten OCR
  • table detection and extraction
  • signature detection and extraction
  • structured data / named entity extraction
  • classification
  • text summarization, and
  • document separation

Why Automation Hero and AWS?


high availability and unlimited scalability


highest level of infrastructure security


native integration with AWS services, Private endpoints, VPC peering and other


fast procurement process and purchase via Marketplace

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