Allianz: The key to automation success—the human


Consider this: you want to leverage technology to improve your operations, but you still need to handle exceptions and keep oversight on the process. Do you give up on automation? No, you keep humans “in the loop.”

Allianz Italy joint Automation Hero in an Webinar to share their story. 

During the fireside chat, we discussed:

  • Why it is necessary to keep the human in the loop of some processes
  • How human-in-the-loop helps train AI models
  • How Allianz identified additional use cases and got buy-in from business users



Allianz: The Key to Automation Success—The Human

Using the human-in-the-loop feature in Automation Hero’s Hero Platform_, Allianz Italy was able to reduce the needed time of selected processes by even 80%

Handling unstructured data has never been so easy.

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