Beyond RPA: Upgrading to enterprise AI for the 2020s

enterprise AI for the 2020s

Automation has transformed businesses for more than two decades, streamlining processes so more can get done with less work. But if you’re still using a legacy RPA, you’re probably struggling with challenges like:

  • High implementation costs
  • Incredibly long lead times for initial setup
  • Difficulty scaling to different departments or business processes
  • Downtime caused by frequent maintenance
  • Human error from data entry or incorrect routing

It’s time to take advantage of the time and cost savings associated with end-to-end intelligent process automation. In our new e-book, Beyond RPA: Upgrading to Enterprise AI for the 2020s, you’ll learn about:

  • The new generation of deep learning AI-powered automation
  • How IDP can process virtually every single type of document
  • Automation Hero’s template-free approach that lets you build advanced AI models without IT support
  • Leveraging our platform as an end-to-end solution or filling gaps in your current system


Beyond RPA: Upgrading to enterprise AI for the 2020s

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