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How to Boost Organizational Effectiveness with AI

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Inefficient processes cost organizations as much as 20-30% of their annual revenue, according to IDC research. The average employee spends between 4 to 10 hours a week on repetitive computer tasks (up to 350 hours per year). Often these computer tasks aren’t directly related to their primary job function.

For your company, this could mean thousands or even millions of dollars are wasted on ineffective systems and processes. Intelligent process automation can help optimize organizational effectiveness by reducing the time and money that’s wasted on broken processes.  

How can automation increase organizational effectiveness? 

As your employees spend less time on a certain task or project but their output remains the same, productivity increases. Getting the most out of your employee’s time is true organizational effectiveness. 

As a company’s workforce becomes more productive, the company’s dollar goes much farther and achieves greater capital efficiency. 

Intelligent process automation helps companies make this a reality. Automation eliminates repetitive tasks while AI enhances employee workflow to increase their productivity. With IPA, companies pay the same amount of money for better results. 

According to Accenture, the U.S. alone will see a boost in productivity by 35% from AI and it could boost the global productivity average by up to 40%.

How to apply AI to your enterprise?

Below we give some examples of how a typical enterprise could use an automation platform powered by AI to improve overall effectiveness with examples for each.

Boost productivity by eliminating repetitive, time-consuming tasks

  • Automating data entry and meeting scheduling 
  • Creating documents and submit forms 

Enhance employee effectiveness by augmenting employee intelligence 

  • Providing employees with best next step recommendations
  • Sales prospecting and offering personalized cross-and-upsell recommendations

Increase customer service capabilities by automating common customer requests

  • Drafting an email response or forwarding message to proper department/representative
  • Updating databases with new phone numbers, addresses, etc.