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Support contact center agents with better data

A smoother handoff between teams means sales managers get valuable insights.


The marketing and sales teams at many major companies don’t have a smooth way to hand off data internally, meaning they may be losing out on potential sales. Supporting contact center agents with better information means enriching data, automating emails, and using real-time metrics so that contact center agents and salespeople can make better strategic decisions.

Let’s say a company’s marketing team periodically sends out letters and emails to existing and potential customers. Are these customers interested in new products, or in upgrading their current ones? After marketing sends its correspondence and collects data, the company would then need to send that out to salespeople or call center agents to comb through customer lists and engage with them.

The trouble is: plenty of big companies — some 750 million total users worldwide — are still making such handoffs using Excel spreadsheets. This manual process is time-consuming, error-prone, and doesn’t give sales agents much insight into what customers on the list might want or need.

Enter our personal automation assistant, Robin, who can help track the handoff of information between internal teams, giving granular status updates and tracking communication with customers at every step. Robin can send out a task list in a simple email or it can be customized to integrate with a human worker’s daily routine in some other way. Whole teams can use Robin to track the status of complex, long-running tasks.

In a scenario like the above, Robin shows each sales agent a customer record with details like the customer’s age, past purchase history and the next best product they might be interested in. Sales agents can also use Robin to see a customer’s status in any marketing campaign — whether they’ve been contacted, the outcome of that contact, and whether there’s a next meeting scheduled or the case has been closed. Robin can save each sales agent precious minutes after each call by automatically generating a personalized follow-up email.

Sales managers gain valuable insights, including real-time metrics to show how successful each day of a campaign was. At the end, campaign log data can be fed back to marketing or another team for analysis. The company can use these new rules to improve and optimize campaigns.

See how this worked in action at German insurance company Signal.


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