Meet Robin

A new way for your human workforce to team up with automation.


Attended automations are delivered via Robin for easier adoption and customization. There are three user experiences around working with and developing Robin.

End Users


Humans Stay in Control

Users can opt to review, correct, add or delete information, and approve before any automation is carried out. The human always gives final approval before action is taken.


Increase intelligent decision-making

Robin can request human input when an unattended automation does not reach a confidence threshold on certain decisions.


Easy Access

Robin proactively delivers tasks for review or approval. Delivery can be via email to fit into the daily process of human workers, or customized to business standards.

See Robin in action

Point-and-click your way to an AI model in Minutes with a beautiful visual GUI.

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Tech/Operational Managers


All-device Access

Robin is browser based and doesn’t require any installation. Delivery mechanism of the task list can be customized.


Fully Managed

The Robin Web Application with the applicable task deployment lifecycle is fully managed by the Hero_Flow platform.



Access control regulates who can view or use tasks.



Easy Point-and-click

No code form allows easy composition of the look and feel for the list of tasks Robion delivers to the end user.



For more demanding requirements of how tasks are presented, the builder experience provides full HTML editor for advanced users.


Targeted Exception Handling

Robin can be configured to filter what tasks to present to individual users through the automation flow.


Tasks and Workflows

Robin can support long-running, complex business processes that require multiple checkpoints from humans by defining the tasks throughout the automation.


Iterative Improvement

Feedback from human input can merge with training data used for an AI model developed in AI Studio to improve model accuracy over time.


Gamified Approach

Encourages users to use and verify automations through gamification and friendly UI.


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