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Expedite claims processing

Eliminate repetitive processes required to process a claim.


McKinsey predicts that automation can speed up claims processing by as much as 30%. Much of the claims journey in traditional insurance companies requires hours of manual effort by employees. Automation Hero’s AI automation platform removes these repetitive processes, reducing costs and saving time.

In fact, our platform can handle every step of claims management — including document classification, data extraction (with OCR for photos and handwritten text), routing to appropriate departments or representatives, data entry and invoice payment. The process can even incorporate existing fraud models that are triggered by high claim amounts or fatalities. These cases would then be routed to a human to review before payout.

Claims are a particular pain point in insurance: according to Insurance Nexus, 82% of insurance companies say claims innovation is either their most important project or a key project on their priority list. 

In this demo video, automating NLP quote requests, see how we can replace an entire labor-intensive and error-prone process with an automated intelligent data recognition workflow. The result was a fast response time and a much more satisfying customer experience.


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