Intelligent Automation for Insurance

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Insurance employees spend 10 – 15% of their time on repetitive computer tasks, which wastes several hours each week. Yet, these tasks don’t help them better serve their customers or earn the company revenue. The productivity problem is amplified as more insurance roles are left unfilled in the tight job market and work piles up on current employees.

Intelligent document processing (IDP) solutions with modern AI are a beacon of hope for insurance companies. AI-driven intelligent document processing frees people from their backlog of work and helps companies see major productivity and profit.

Here’s what our insurance automation platform can do for your enterprise:

  • Customer profile/data updates: Updating a customer’s address in a database or forwarding a service request to the proper department.
  • Document generation: Pulling data from emails, spreadsheets, applications, etc. and auto-populating a closing form or claim document.
  • Scheduling meetings: Scheduling a meeting in an employee’s calendar based on an email interaction.
  • Claim processing: Porting information from a database to an application or vice versa to reduce the amount of “copy-and-paste” tasks a claims officer must perform.



Intelligent Automation for Insurance

Handling unstructured data has never been so easy.

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