Intelligent Automation for Telco

From customer onboarding to troubleshooting issues, Automation Hero modernizes document-centric processes. Free up time and resources to focus on what matters most—serving customers.

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Our modern AI-driven automation platform allows teams to delight customers with new, innovative services and world-class customer support. Reach your digital transformation goals and reinvent the customer experience.


Accelerate customer service

Accelerating responses to incidents, service requests, customers, and partners provides more value and takes customer service to the next level.


Unified customer experience

Provide a seamless customer experience at every touchpoint. Automate workflows and unify systems with an agile integration “fabric” that streamlines customer onboarding and increases satisfaction.


Drive innovation

Adapting to change requires agility. Adapt quickly as security regulations and consumer behaviors evolve—and take control with a single intelligence platform.

Automation use cases in the Telco Industry

Whether providing comms infrastructure to enterprises or services to end users, you’re in a global fight to deliver innovative, uninterrupted services to digital natives. Automation Hero can help you win.

Unify the customer experience

Customers want self-service onboarding experiences with all bills in one place. But manually reviewing customer identity documents, invoices, and contracts is error-prone and time-consuming. Fortunately, Hero Platform_’s microservice architecture allows us to solve specific problems as we plug into existing workflows. Drive innovation and build a “zero-touch” service model that pulls all service agreement data from multiple systems into a unified customer view.

Customer service representatives working in call centre

Optimize service operations

The public counts on you for reliable service. In a post-pandemic world, this societal need has increased exponentially. Your ability to anticipate potential equipment issues and respond before failures occur is critical. Hero Platform_ extracts customer details, service dates, and device specifications from service orders, network diagrams, and configuration documents in seconds. Help your technicians identify trends quickly so they spend less time reacting to problems and more time preventing them.

Customer service representatives working in call centre

Automating the call center of the future

Many customers interact with businesses solely through their call centers and contact centers, so it is extremely critical for businesses to improve that customer experience. Thankfully, this can be improved easily with call center automation.

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Intelligent contract management

With documents in translation, there's always a concern for human error. Hero Platform_ extracts key data points from contracts in any language. Like a multilingual international contract lawyer, our intelligent document processing reads vendor names, service terms, pricing, start/end dates, customer details, and more. Hero Platform_ helps you centralize a contract data repository for a single truth source. Supercharge an existing CMS and be the hero. Ensure compliance with international regulations and navigate mergers and acquisitions with confidence.

Customer service representatives working in call centre

Customer service and vendor communication

With accurate data in real-time, you can make informed decisions and respond to inquiries across channels. Hero Platform_ understands the intent of multilingual messages sent via email, chat, social media, and more. It can automate fast responses to customer requests and route emails to the right department when humans need to be involved. Improve collaboration and enhance decision-making. Our intent classification automatically gets critical data to the people who need it most.

Customer service representatives working in call centre

Process invoices faster

Telecom companies receive thousands of invoices with different requirements—each containing critical data that must be manually keyed into an AP system. Our natural language processing (NLP) analyzes invoices, finds critical data, and automatically updates existing systems. Take your entire invoice process and reduce it from hundreds of clicks to just one with an end-to-end automation platform that intelligently understands how to process each invoice.

Customer service representatives working in call centre

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Stability & scalability: Deploying intelligent document processing (IDP) as a microservice

Whether scaling up or down, platforms need to be built for rock-solid, stable performance. Your business depends on it. That’s why scalability and stability are the core pillars of the Hero Platform_. 

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Classifying and inputting documents

Even the best CRMs, document management software, and ADMS systems need help managing the data points locked away in unstructured documents. Since these systems do not integrate easily, syncing data points with a central database is problematic.

Hero Platform_ reads invoices, contracts, customer applications, and technical procedures such as service orders, network diagrams, and configuration documents like a team of highly skilled IT technicians. It automatically sorts incoming documents into categories and extracts information with above-human accuracy.

Our intelligent document processing platform can also serve as an intelligence “fabric” for deeper collaborations. Finance teams and IT departments can pull data instantly from multiple systems (including a centralized ADMS) and upload it to a new document or any other existing database.

Our Context-aware OCR also reads handwritten field notes like your most experienced service technician and transforms handwriting into action. Experience a new level of efficiency with Hero Platform_ and watch your customer satisfaction soar.


In the table, Competitor 1 converted the handwriting into gibberish - while Competitor 2 didn't perform much better. On the other hand, Automation Hero's Context-aware OCR recognized and converted scribble with 100% accuracy, even with cursive scrawl and poor scan quality.


Studies show that the average email response time is 42 hours. Long delays frustrate your customers. And they can be …

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Telecommunication Use Cases


Classify documents with intelligent character recognition

In many business scenarios, an essential daily task …


Automate common customer requests

Automate proper next steps based on the intent.

unstructured data

Discover and analyze hidden data

Have a cohesive platform for analytics and optimization.

CRM data entry

Maintain database quality

Increase the accuracy and reliability of customer data.

How Automation Hero works with Telco companies

The enormous change already underway will continue to reshape the telco landscape for the next decade—and beyond. Leaders who act now by adopting new technology today can reinvent the customer journey of tomorrow.

Digital natives have set the benchmark for customer experiences across industries. Telco operators can capitalize on recent behavioral shifts and rethink their approach to serving, satisfying, and delighting customers. Automation Hero’s AI-driven automation platform can be the back-end intelligence “fabric” for fully self-service “zero-touch” unified customer views.


Deploy an intelligence “fabric” for telecommunications

Through our API, telco operators can immediately start using intelligent document processing to build an automated infrastructure that streamlines every step of the customer onboarding process.

This enables telco operators to innovate and commercialize their own unique unified customer view with a “zero-touch” customer journey.

Our platform identifies trends so operators can perform proactive maintenance on the equipment and automate customer responses—helping technicians and call center agents spend less time troubleshooting problems and more time preventing them.

FAQs about Telco Automation

Why do you need Automation in Telco?

Automation in the telco industry is essential to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and reduce manual errors. By automating tasks such as network configuration, service provisioning, and customer support, telco companies can improve operational productivity, enhance service quality, and deliver faster response times to meet customer demands.

How AI can be used in Telco?

AI can be utilized in the telco industry to automate and optimize various processes. Some key use cases include: a) Predictive Maintenance: AI can analyze network data to detect potential issues, enabling proactive maintenance and reducing network downtime. For example, technicians working with critical equipment jot down important notes in reports and directly onto devices. They also take as many photos as they do notes. But this valuable knowledge is often trapped in someone’s camera roll or handwriting. AI-powered OCRs, such as Automation Hero’s Context-aware OCR, can transform handwritten field notes and important symbols into useful data with the same expertise as a seasoned technician. b) Fraud Detection: AI algorithms can identify fraudulent activities and patterns in real time, helping telcos protect their networks and customers from fraudulent behavior. Some AI-driven automation solutions such as intelligent document processing (IDP) can help Telco operators rapidly pull data from large volumes of documents to identify out-of-compliance operations or fraudulent transactions. c) Customer Experience Enhancement: AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can provide personalized assistance, resolving customer queries and enhancing overall satisfaction. Additionally, the use of intelligent document processing (IDP) can automate the manual work involved in processing and responding to customer support requests.

What can be automated in the Telco Industry?

Several aspects of the telco industry can benefit from automation, including: a) Network Provisioning: Automating the process of configuring network resources, such as routers and switches, to enable faster service deployment. b) Billing and Invoicing: Automating billing processes with intelligent document processing (IDP) can help Telco operators generate accurate invoices and streamline revenue management. c) Customer Onboarding: Automating customer registration and service activation using intelligent document processing (IDP) minimizes manual intervention and expedites the onboarding process.

What are the benefits of network automation?

Network automation offers several advantages for telco companies, such as: a) Improved Efficiency: Automating network operations reduces manual effort, enabling faster and error-free configuration changes and service provisioning. b) Enhanced Reliability: Automation eliminates human errors, leading to more reliable and consistent network performance.
c) Cost Savings: By automating repetitive tasks, telcos can optimize resource utilization, reduce operational costs, and allocate resources more efficiently.
d) Scalability: Automation allows for seamless scalability, enabling telcos to accommodate increasing network demands without compromising performance or quality.
e) Faster Time-to-Market: Automating service deployment and network changes enables telcos to roll out new services and updates quickly, gaining a competitive edge in the market.


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