Email understanding and processing: how to improve customer service with workflow automation

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Shipping and logistics companies face many challenges. One decision managers have to make is determining which low-margin investment areas will most improve customer service. This video shows how the Automation Hero platform, workflow automation, and AI capabilities will support you in solving these challenges.

We will run through a typical use case in the industry. Customer service teams are facing high workloads due to an ever-increasing amount of pricing requests, address changes, complaints, and many other emails. In our video, you will see how we can understand, classify, and manage incoming customer requests.

Emails reaching the customer services inbox will be automatically picked up by our automation flow engine and validated for their intent. Shipping cost inquiries will then go through automated text extraction using the AI capabilities of the Hero Platform_. Shipping costs will be retrieved automatically from the company’s routing database. Emails missing routing information or previously unknown shipping routes will be flagged.

Service desk employees review these flagged emails inside our human-in-the-loop interface. This highly configurable application provides all relevant information for employees to make quick decisions. Employees can add new routes, and assign shipping costs. All user input feeds back into the system to decrease future requests that require human interaction.

This continuous improvement cycle reduces the customer service team’s workload, leads to faster response times, and increases the company’s revenue.


Handling unstructured data has never been so easy.

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