What you’re missing without true AI

Jan 19, 2022 by Automation Hero

Artificial intelligence is the most cutting-edge tech in automation, but not all AI is the same

Robotic process automation (RPA) as we know it is only 20 years old, but the field of business automation has already undergone a number of evolutions. At the turn of the millennium, RPA changed the baseline for productivity in the office by allowing organizations to “outsource” their most repetitive and time-consuming tasks to software. Later, intelligent document processing (IDP) solutions entered the market to help organizations tackle tasks RPA couldn’t automate — particularly data extraction and recognition.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become important to the field of enterprise automation, allowing machines to handle more complex work and further improve labor utilization. This has given rise to a new level of automation called intelligent process automation (IPA), which has the potential to transform organizations. While RPA and IDP handle specific types of work and process, IPA could automate almost every task that doesn’t involve human creativity. However, not all enterprise AI is created the same. 

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What’s missing without true AI

Many legacy RPA and IDP platforms claim to leverage AI in their toolkits, but unless machines are making informed decisions and improving processes over time, it’s not true AI. A new generation of intelligent process automation platforms, like Automation Hero, leverage the power of AI in every stage of the document processing lifecycle:

  • Recognition: Using a high-accuracy OCR that can read information from any kind of document, including handwriting. 
  • Understanding: Processing and categorizing the data it extracts. 
  • Analysis: Utilizing machine-learning techniques to glean insight into the data and existing processes.
  • Action: Automating the appropriate response or workflow based on the data extracted.

True AI enables a number of benefits that can transform the way industries automate when compared to traditional RPAs and IDPs, including:

Accurate models and workflows with zero training

In the past, users had to manually build workflows to process documents and complete tasks, requiring a lot of trial and error, and a major drain on resources. Automation Hero’s AI can look at historic process data to build detailed and accurate workflows without human hand-holding. Even where no process data exists, the platform can build robust automations with less training than other solutions, and an efficient troubleshooting process. 

Truly intelligent process automation (IPA)

The right way to do something now might not be the right way to do it tomorrow — especially as technology advances and the pace of business accelerates. Automation Hero’s true AI can analyze processes (including those you haven’t automated) and identify opportunities for improvement. Best of all, this is done without upgrading services or moving to higher pricing tiers. Automation Hero follows a consumption-based pricing model that charges users only for the automations they use, as they use them.

Intelligent document processing (IDP)

Intelligent document processing has emerged as a critical AI tool within the wider automation landscape. IDP technology was born out of the need for organizations to accurately extract data from documents. In essence, IDP leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to effectively process any kind of document and oversee document-centric processes. Through the adoption of IDP, organizations can optimize processes involving a large volume of documents to reduce manual effort, enhance precision, and reach their digital transformation goals.

A notable advantage of IDP is its seamless integration capability with other automation tools like robotic process automation (RPA). This compatibility with existing technologies enables companies to enhance their current automation strategies, leading to improved overall efficiency and expanded operational scope.

DIY deployment

Automation Hero’s true AI doesn’t just improve business processes and efficiency — it creates a positive and easy user experience. The platform walks each user through the creation of advanced AI models and complex workflows from conception to deployment, without the need for expensive IT support. This lets IT teams focus on maintaining their company’s digital infrastructure, and puts the power to manage workflows into the hands of workers who will benefit from them the most. 

Graduate to intelligent document processing with true AI

While RPA has transformed organizations, the legacy systems no longer reflect the forward motion of automation. In fact, limiting your organization to these old-guard solutions could be holding your company back from making a greater impact on the market.

Automation Hero’s AI platform makes it easy to implement full end-to-end intelligent process automation with the versatility for companies to deploy the technology in a way that best suits them. Many customers use the platform to augment their existing processes without doing a complete overhaul. This is the greatest benefit of true AI: It works for you, rather than asking you to work for it. 

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