Dreamforce: ready or not, here we come

May 08, 2019 by Automation Hero


Very soon, professionals from across the globe will be flocking to our home base for Dreamforce 2018. This is our first season sponsoring the event, and we’re ready to hit knock sales productivity out of the park.

This is more than just another sponsorship event for us. We see this as an opportunity to change sales teams for the better on a large scale. We’re not only bringing our demos and stickers, but more importantly, we’re bringing a message of change to Dreamforce.

Our new and improved automation assistant, Robin, is more customizable than ever before. We can shake up a sales team, or any other team, with a bottom-up approach to implementing automation on a grand scale.

Whether you’re a team of one or a team of 5,000, you can use our product. Our out-of-the-box solution is fully customizable with options for the enterprise that bring instant ROI. There is no download or messy IT installation. No need to train reps on how to use it. You’ll see productivity gains almost immediately.

With our AI-powered automation platform, we bring you the ultimate productivity solutions because it does all of the sales tasks that need to be done for business success without wasting employee time.

Every stakeholder sees wins:

  • Reps: They spend less time on tasks they hate. They have more time to hit quota and waste fewer hours on tedious admin tasks.
  • Operations: They get the sales data they desperately need to continue driving efficiency and productivity.
  • Managers: They see increased revenue and have more accurate data for forecasts.

Artificial intelligence is the future, and our new end-to-end platform is the catalyst to bring efficient, productive change to every sales org. The ultimate message we’ll be sharing with participants at Dreamforce: it’s time to sell smarter, not harder.

Recently, we announced a new UI for our user-facing product, an automation assistant Robin, that interacts with reps.

We also have additional new features and technology that we’ll be unveiling and demoing at Dreamforce:

  • Dark data extraction: improving CRM data quality by extracting critical information such as phone number and title from unstructured data (emails, images, PDF documents) and updating accordingly
  • Intent detection: reducing repetitive and trivial sales tasks (scheduling, repeated customer requests) by deducing the intent of written communication and routing or responding accordingly
  • Recommendation Engine: augmenting sales rep activity (cross- and upsell opportunities, behavioral lead scoring, best-next-steps) based on derived data patterns

All of these new capabilities can have lasting and impactful change on sales organizations by driving overall efficiency and propel growth.

If you’re heading to Dreamforce this year, come visit us in the Customer Success Expo at booth #169. Dreamforce is held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, Sept. 25 – 28.

Our top-notch team of AI experts will be giving demos of our new and improved product. Don’t miss your chance to see sales productivity and efficiency in action.