Gain business insight from data extraction

Using field mapping technology, Automation Hero can pull data from both structured (CRM system data, spreadsheets) and unstructured sources (emails, Word documents) to create and fill in forms.

Data extraction

A leading German health insurance company had approximately 130,000 closed claims per year, which took a team of 450 sales reps between 15-30 minutes a day to manually handle. To close the claims, reps were pulling data from multiple systems (e.g. SAP and a CRM) and pasting it into a Word document. After the data extraction, the document had to be printed and signed.

Automation Hero automated the data extraction and compiled all relevant information into a PDF for e-signature. The process now takes each rep only a few minutes to complete, saving the group of employees the equivalent of 18 years’ worth of work. Employees can now redirect their time toward customer service, cross- and upsell opportunities, and closing new business.


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