Autofill Data from Browser to Windows Applications

autofill-data-from-salesforce-wordAutofill Data from Salesforce to Microsoft Word Use Case

Many services and sales roles involve tasks that require copying and pasting information from a web-browser application to a Windows application. This is difficult because APIs typically can’t connect these two types of applications, and this takes employees away from more important job duties. Automation Hero’s native integration into Salesforce can automate browser applications as well as native applications.

This use case looks at a private bank with a customer who has lost his credit card and requested a replacement card. In our previous demo, we used automation to interact with multiple systems and order the customer a new card. Now we’d like to create a confirmation letter to let the customer know their card is on the way – a process that in this example requires Microsoft Word.

In the Salesforce Service Cloud environment, a support case has been created with an account ID. Automation Hero’s screen automation capabilities pull the relevant customer data out of a legacy CRM system and bring it back into the Salesforce Service Cloud.

A confirmation letter is created using Automation Hero’s Windows native application automation capabilities to create, autofill, and save a word document. All this is completed with buttons native to Salesforce Service Cloud, making automation easy to implement for end users.

In this use case, gain business insight from data extraction, learn how we automated the data extraction and compiled all relevant information into a PDF for e-signature. The process now takes each rep only a few minutes to complete, saving the group of employees the equivalent of 18 years’ worth of work.


In this tutorial, we will show you how to build the above automation in a flow across a browser application such as Salesforce and a native Windows application such as Microsoft Word. We will show you how to create a custom component in Salesforce that then triggers a click bot, and uses our Windows client to build native applications into your flow.


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