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Hero_Go screenshot of a demoHero_Go Demo

When it comes to sales, every moment wasted is a lost opportunity. Imagine easily reducing the repetitive tasks you perform in a web browser or desktop application and reclaiming your time for more productive activities. It’s time to let Hero_Go give you back that time with intelligent automation.

Hero_Go can record any kind of repetitive click work in a web application or web form and then automate those clicks to repeat over and over until your task is complete. Let’s illustrate this with a
simple example: extracting contact information from LinkedIn and transferring it to a CRM.

After pressing record in Hero Go’s Chrome extension, open LinkedIn in a browser, by right-clicking on a name in LinkedIn, several options pop up. For this example, of recording an automation, choose loop over similar to process all records in the table. Anything from this point forward will be applied to any other recording the table.

From here, you can choose which information you’d like to web scrape from LinkedIn. This can be contact information, name, company name, title or any other text field that is visible on the screen. Once you’ve chosen which data to pull, you can then decide which fields it maps to within Salesforce (or any other web application database) using the corresponding name.

After the initial action is recorded, press save, stop recording and give the automation a name.

Now instead of capturing and entering all of the information for each record manually, run your automation to perform web scraping tasks and let Hero_Go take care of the work.

When the automation is replayed, your browser opens the initial web application, navigates through the records and all of the information is captured without the need to type or click at all.

Hero_Go will run through as many records as available, whether it’s 20 or 20,000. You can continue to work while it runs on the back-end. When it’s done, the whole list of tasks will have been imported with just one click on Hero_Go

In this use case, automate repetitive call center processes, learn how we shortens agent call times, meaning both the agent and the customer end up happier with the interaction.


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