Automate repetitive call center processes

Give your call center an efficiency boost.


Call centers are flooded with hundreds, if not thousands, of calls each day. The average call center agent will take between 40 and 50 calls each day. For banks, a sizable chunk of those calls are requests for a lost or stolen credit card — which get an easy efficiency boost from call center automation.

In order for a bank agent to complete this type of request, the agent must interact with three different systems manually. First, the agent creates the “case” within Salesforce Service Cloud and authenticates the user’s ID and the call. The agent uses the account ID to pull up their data profile from a second legacy system, which then needs to be transferred to the service cloud screen. Finally, the agent uses customer data to order a new credit card through a third party system.

Using Automation Hero’s Salesforce Service Cloud native integration, all the applications required for call center automation can be found within a few clicks in the Service Cloud.

This greatly shortens agent call times, meaning both the agent and the customer end up happier with the interaction.

In this demo video, automating data entry across multiple systems, see how we built an automation that extracts the account ID from Salesforce and uses it to search for the customer in a legacy CRM system, extract appropriate fields and bring them back into Salesforce. It also transfers the information into the third-party system to order a new card, fill the form and submit it.


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