Automate Data Entry Across Multiple Systems

automate-data-entryAutomate Data Entry Use Case

The average employee spends between 4 to 10 hours a week on repetitive computer tasks (up to 350 hours per year). For most workers, much of these tasks involve performing data entry across multiple systems. These tasks waste hours of employee time and business dollars.

Call center agents spend much of their time entering duplicate data into different systems. In this demo scenario, we look at a private bank call center using the Salesforce Service Cloud. A customer of the private bank has lost his credit card and is requesting a replacement card. To process the request, the agent interacts with and copy/pastes data between three different systems.

First, a Salesforce service cloud case has to be created and the agent will get the customer’s account ID and authenticate the caller. The agents then use the ID to pull up customer data from a legacy system, which needs to be transferred to the Salesforce service cloud. And, finally, the agent will copy the needed data into a third-party system to order a new credit card.  

These steps normally require a lot of click work. With native automations within the Service Cloud user interface, this process becomes much easier. With the click of a button within Salesforce, a pre-recorded automation is triggered, making it simple and intuitive for call center agents to complete the customer’s request.

This automation extracts the account ID from Salesforce and uses it to search for the customer in a legacy CRM system, extract appropriate fields and bring them back into Salesforce. It also transfers the information into the third-party system to order a new card, fill the form and submit it.

In this use case, automate repetitive call center processes, learn how we shorten agent call times by using our Salesforce Service Cloud native integration. All the applications required for call center automation can be found within a few clicks in the Service Cloud.


Our second video shows how you can build the automate data entry use case across multiple systems from the above automation.

We lay out each step to connecting our Automation Hero platform to the cloud and each step you need to take to be able to trigger this automation with the simple click of a button within your Salesforce Service Cloud Dashboard.


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