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Track compliance and regulatory changes

Use OCR to analyze documents or an AI model to make quicker work of data entry.


Let’s say you’re a company that moves goods between 35 countries. Each of those countries will have regulatory agencies that change their rules often, which in turn affects your business. Just one new rule, like America’s Automated Manifest System, introduced in 2004 as a way to cut down on security threats, can trigger a wave of new work for you and your staff. Intelligent automation can help you track compliance and regulatory changes whenever they happen.

You need tools that give you real-time updates when a government agency or regulatory entity in any of those countries changes its policies around flights, freight restrictions, customs requirements, and taxes and tariffs, among others. Those tools could include optical character recognition (OCR) for digitizing and analyzing handwritten or printed forms, or a simple AI model that helps your staff enter data faster into a CRM.

Our platform is particularly adept at comparing information from different sources to assess whether you’re staying in
compliance. When Mexico raises its freight limits on imported goods, for example, our automations can instantly re-project and re-calculate how this affects your operations across the board.


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