Domain-intelligent OCR

Instantly digitalize complex forms, handwritten and printed documents, PDF files or smartphone images. The smartest OCR technology for your organization.


See intelligent OCR in action.

Train and enrich OCR models with domain-specific knowledge.

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Digitalize even the most complex documents.

Skip out-of-the-box technology that struggles with complicated documents that are particular to your organization.

Our platform is extremely successful with intelligent document capture that combines machine-typed text and human handwriting with above-human accuracy of >98%.


Why Automation Hero is different.

By training deep learning-based OCR models on custom domain knowledge, Automation Hero is able to extract detailed and relevant information.

In the end, our solution is much better equipped to accurately interpret problem cases and unusually messy handwriting.

Automatically normalize imperfect documents such as upside-down scans or out-of-focus photos. Handle multiple different forms at one time and automatically route to the appropriate department or person.




Connect with any kind of system via our extensive connector list and run OCR in batch or streaming. Also run in a distributed microservice to integrate into your application at any scale.



Go beyond simple data extraction like name, date, email and pull information from tables, check boxes and pesky yes/no responses. OCR individual fields and use validation rules or domain-specific data to route fields with low confidence to users for validation.



The OCR output can be standardized using our fuzzy matching capabilities and models can then be used as a shared function in Flow Studio.


Intelligent *patent pending

Train on a combination of historical data and company domain-specific knowledge for context-aware decisions.


Scaleable and enterprise ready

Run the most accurate OCR on up to 1,000 nodes in parallel in your data center or in the cloud. Pluggable encryption and HIPPA compliant.


Human-AI feedback loop

Leverage Robin to get user approval for fields with low confidence and use that feedback to retrain OCR models daily.

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