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According to IntroHive, CRM users spend 5.5 hours each week logging activities and updating contacts, which costs companies an average of $13,200 annually per user. Many sales reps, brokers, and call center employees are required to log all customer conversations, among other tedious tasks, which takes time away from selling. Luckily, CRM automation — speeding up manual processes in databases like Salesforce, Oracle, SAP or any others — is easy to design.

Automation Hero can create automations that log and update CRM records, including sales contacts, contract details, customer or account ID numbers, and more.

In the long run, automating tasks in a CRM boosts revenue and has the added bonus of increasing team productivity and morale.

In this demo video, autofilling salesforce with orb intelligence, see how you can use CRM automation to auto-populate company information in systems of record from available databases. In this example, we will use Salesforce as the system of record and Orb Intelligence as the database.


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