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Smooth out online ordering

The shift to e-commerce means companies large and small must streamline purchases.


Whether you’re making, selling, or shipping consumer goods, 2020 saw a dramatic shift towards e-commerce that will only continue in coming years. According to Boston Consulting Group, e-commerce will drive some 70% of sales growth across food and beverage categories through 2022.

When more goods are sold on digital shelves instead of physical ones, it forces manufacturers, delivery companies and shops to streamline their digital operations. That can mean everything from classifying and indexing sales-related documents to detecting intent in incoming customer emails to route them to the right department faster.

No matter the size of your ecommerce operation, customers should have a seamless ordering experience. Let’s say 70% of your customers make purchases directly from a website and 30% send requests via email. Automation Hero can help a company create its own AI model to scan and understand the intent of incoming human messages like email. Based on that intent, the software can automate a response to, for example, a request for a price quote. Our platform can also communicate with an inventory management system, eliminating human error and saving employees hours of time checking product availability.


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