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A global telecoms service provider was experiencing issues with inconsistent pricing across multiple locations. Specifically, executives discovered that customers were purchasing plans at company branches in countries that offered cheaper price points. The organization needed to understand global pricing in order to develop a cohesive strategy, but the majority of documentation lived in sales reps’ PDFs and Excel spreadsheets — unstructured data that did not get logged in the company CRM. The problem was how to process all this unstructured data, untagged and untapped information found in repositories that had not been analyzed or processed for impactful business decisions.

To help with this, Automation Hero was enlisted because of its ability to extract and collate data related to pricing across multiple silos and import it into the CRM.

The company now has a cohesive platform for pricing analytics and optimization.

In this demo video, automating data entry across multiple systems, see how we automate tasks that involve performing data entry across multiple systems.


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