Virtual Assistant Streamlines Gradle’s Sales Process


For me, as the CEO, having Robin as a virtual assistant is invaluable.

We don’t want to brag or anything, but it’s not everyday that you get called invaluable. This lovely quote comes from the CEO of budding startup, Gradle. CEO Hans Dockter says his sales reps now save several hours a week with our business automation assistant, Robin. Having their very own virtual sales assistant freed them up to sell, sell, sell! As a win, win, he now better understands how to scale his company since Robin assists with collecting quality CRM data. See how Robin is improving Gradle’s sales productivity by checking out the video below.

Three key takeaways about how our virtual assistant is helping Gradle:

1. Automates pesky sales tasks

Robin has some pretty sweet skills, all of which are designed to help save sales reps’ time. InsideSales research shows that reps only spend one-third of their time on revenue-generating activities – Robin can fix that. Say bye-bye to administrative work and hello to closed deals and sales automation.

Dockter says that the biggest time saver for Gradle has been in research and information sourcing. His sales reps used to spend a lot of their time searching for qualifying account information like the number of employees a company has, a headquarter address, or industry. Their new virtual assistant is able to find that information for them, using Automation Hero’s database of 45 million global company records. Robin saves the day (or at least saves them a ton of time in prospecting)!

2. Solves data-collection conflict

All companies need clean and up-to-date data and Gradle is no different. Dockter says he needs accurate data in Salesforce to properly forecast revenue and to understand the full customer sales cycle. However, sales reps hate data entry (and we don’t blame them) so this often becomes a source of conflict.

Robin helps smooth things over by giving managers the important data they need while taking the actual data entry off of the sales reps’ plate. Dockter says that his reps were able to save up to 10 hours a week. That’s more than an entire work day!

3. An easy to use (and fun) virtual sales assistant

Dockter also gushes (yep, we said it) about how easy it was for his reps to get started with Robin. There’s no download, no installation, and no product learning curve. It can’t get any easier.

Dockter says that it was actually his sales reps who found Robin; it was not imposed by him or a sales manager. He says he often heard groaning when someone said the word “Salesforce,” but Robin is a sales tool that his team is excited to work with. And we’d say Robin is excited to work with them too!

Thanks to Robin, his team has boosted their sales productivity numbers by up to 25 percent. Their new virtual assistant was able to free up hours a week; time that they could use to sell more and nurture customer relationships. Who wouldn’t want that? Go ahead and sign-up for Robin now (did we mention that it’s free?).