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Sales productivity is the No. 1 challenge for 65 percent of B2B organizations, according to The Bridge Group.

A survey by MIT found that 85% of executives believe that artificial intelligence (AI) will give their companies a competitive advantage, but only about 20% have already incorporated AI, and less than 39% have an AI strategy in place.

Sales AI is redefining business processes by automating the taxing workload of information workers.

Operational efficiency is a primary business objective across the board. With sales ranked as the most expensive and least productive, it’s imperative that all sales roles and functionalities fire on all cylinders.

SalesHero’s adaptive and proactive AI sales assistant targets multiple stakeholders in the sales organization to maximize organizational productivity and effectiveness.

Sales Representatives

Sales reps ranked administrative tasks as the least effective of all sales activities at 66.7%.

Sales reps are hired for their excellent human interaction skills but then are forced into a process-oriented workflow. Too often their time is taken up by tasks that are required by management but that detract from productivity and quota achievement.

SalesHero’s sales AI assistant handles these tasks proactively, without interrupting the sales workflow by offering up a daily list of to-do items via email. By automating these repetitive and routine tasks, sales reps save up to an hour each day, allocating more time to focus on closing deals, cross, and up-selling.

Sales Operations

79% of opportunity-related updates never end up in the CRM.

The result is a staggering amount of data that is not analyzed or processed for impactful business decisions such as forecasting and spending budgets.

Sales operations face a daily struggle of maintaining data quality. By providing automated CRM updates through natural language processing, data enrichment, fuzzy matching and duplication detection functionality, SalesHero consistently feeds clean data into the CRM to be used for improved business decisions.

Sales Managers

Sales representatives spend only 37% of their time on tasks on revenue-generating tasks.And according to the Harvard Business Review tasks like these can cost US companies more than $3 trillion every year.

This highlights the tangible and costly impact inefficient workforces have on revenue and overhead for businesses. Current business processes are wasting the valuable time, skills and talents of sales reps on mundane tasks.

With SalesHero’s sales AI assistant automating a majority of repetitive sales tasks, such as prospecting, CRM updates and scheduling, reps can focus on revenue-generating activities.

C-level Executives

The global enterprise value derived from AI will total $1.2 trillion by the end of 2018.

AI is providing a disruptive edge to innovators across industries and twenty-first century pioneer companies already using AI are growing fast and seeing results.

83% of the most aggressive adopters of AI and cognitive technologies said their companies have already achieved either moderate or substantial benefits.

SalesHero’s sales AI assistant takes a bottom-up adoption approach and integrates with sales reps’ current workflow that guarantees an ROI within the first month. Unlike other platforms or solutions, SalesHero aims to augment the sales rep and elevate their skill set and expertise rather than replace.

Executive investment in an organization’s sales team is essential since the sales team success enables company-wide growth. When sales reps are working at their optimal level of productivity and boosting company revenue, the company can expand to its fullest potential.


SalesHero offers the industry’s first personal adaptive and proactive augmented intelligence assistant that helps sales representatives simplify and improve their daily sales workflow. Built by the founding team of Datameer, the leader in big data analytics, and a world-class team of sales and AI experts, SalesHero leverages powerful artificial intelligence to improve sales reps’ productivity up to 20 percent.

SalesHero is a portfolio company of premier AI and deep learning investment firms, Baidu USA, CometLabs, Cherry Ventures and signals VC and is based in San Francisco.

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Published May 09, 2019

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