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A Step-By-Step Guide to Implementing AI projects


It can be unclear where to start artificial intelligence (AI) projects or what’s important to consider before taking them on. This guide offers a series of easy-to-follow worksheets that can help ensure that your AI initiative stays on track. 

The steps include: 

  • Creating a strategy: This guides you through the process of meeting with critical project decision makers, collecting information as you go. 
  • Use case discovery: This step will aid in identifying potential AI use cases, listing your organization’s biggest process pain points and noting potential applications and use cases for AI. It also helps you calculate an effort score based on ease of implementation. 
  • Vendor selection: This involves researching vendors that offer solutions for the use cases you identified and asking questions to fully understand their products and features. 
  • Auditing your data: For any AI tool to properly work, it must be fed clean and accurate data. Once you understand the state of your data, you can decide whether you need to improve its quality. 
  • Implementation and installation: We help you understand the stakeholders and systems you’ll need to integrate with, to get your AI project rolling. 
  • Change management: After all technical aspects of installation are complete, you’ll need to get your team aligned. End users should have a clear grasp of the project’s benefits and how it will bring value to their roles.