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How AI will help (not hinder) meeting your sales quota


What if you could have that “I just closed a deal!” feeling more, and have to do less busy work? With sales AI, you can.

You spend weeks, sometimes months, working an account. You’ve seen them through every step of your pipeline. You sent dozens of emails, called your contact more times than you can count, and logged every encounter with them into your CRM. All that busy work just for the slight chance that it turns into a deal.

More than 70 percent of sales reps say they spend too much time on boring, repetitive tasks. Whether it’s pesky data entry duties, the back and forth email chain to set up a single meeting, or calling and logging leads that may (or may not) turn into a sale.

With sales AI you can get that 70 percent back to do more of what you do best.

The world of AI is already making huge strides across multiple industries. Not only is it already being used to test the waters of self-driving cars and robotic healthcare, but you’re already using it in your home and on your phone with Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Assistant.

There are also areas where AI is not so visible. Like sales.

Sales AI can make your job easier by streamlining how you do business. This is called augmented intelligence – the idea that artificial intelligence can play the role of your assistant with the goal of enhancing human intelligence rather than replacing it.

Sales AI as your new assistant

While you’re hard at work aiming to meet your sales quota goals, you likely have to perform tasks that bog you down – like CRM data entry, prospecting, and researching and updating all of your missing account information.

There are AI tools that can simplify those tasks; clearing up your day to sell. Meaning you’ll be meeting your sales quota easier and take home a bigger paycheck without having to work any harder.

Here are some things AI can do to help automate sales tasks you find yourself drowning in each day:

  • Monitor your email and calendar then log emails and events to their respective accounts in Salesforce
  • Add new contacts to their respective primary accounts
  • Predict new close date of opportunities that may appear outdated
  • Update incomplete or inaccurate records with quality data
  • Recommend similar companies to those you do business with

How it helps you hit your sales quota

Seems too good to be true? The power is all in the algorithm.

New technology and innovative work by engineers have made computers capable of some pretty remarkable things. They’re able to analyze data, learn from that data, and then make a determination or prediction about what will happen next.

The computer’s data analytics skills paired with the information already online gives them tons of data that they can put to work for you.

To put it simply, there’s technology out there that can automate the repetitive tasks that waste your time. On top of that, these tools can learn from you in order to personalize your experience.

Can you really trust a computer with all that data

There’s a big buzz surrounding sales AI, simply because so little is known about it (after all, it only become widespread relatively recently). Security and privacy are major issues, and many companies in the AI field feel the same way. And, in the wake of the recent breaches that have been splashed across the news, they’re doing everything they can to keep your information safe.

However, that doesn’t mean you should trust any and every company.

If you’re looking into a new technology tool, it’s important to read and review the privacy statement of the company before you start using their product. You’ll find that most use unique encryption keys that prohibit anyone within or outside of the company to have access to any of your data.

Time to get ahead on your sales quota

Don’t get stuck doing data entry while others are out making deals.

Only 33 percent of a sales rep’s time is spent actively selling. If you gave those repetitive tasks to an AI tool, you’d find yourself with much more time on your hands.

The time that could be spent making calls and talking to qualified leads, giving yourself an edge over your competition and putting more leads into your sales funnel.

The future of automation isn’t replacing people, but rather letting them focus on the human element of sales.

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By Jessica Munday