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6 tips to get the most out of your sales AI assistant

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Whether you’ve been using your sales AI assistant, Robin, for months or you’re still on the fence, take a look at these six tips on how to work with your sales AI tool to increase your sales productivity.

Tip #1: Understand your sales AI assistant’s skills

According to InsideSales Labs, about 67 percent of sales reps rank administrative tasks, such as researching and data entry as the least effective of all sales tasks. Lucky for you, Robin can handle much of those tasks that you hate doing.

Here’s what our rockstar sales AI assistant can do for you:

  1. Create: Create new leads and contacts in your CRM system or suggest promising, new accounts.
  2. Update: Update existing lead, contact or account information, keeping phone numbers, titles, company descriptions and other information up-to-date.
  3. Log: Log your activities such as emails and calendar events to their respective CRM records.

And that’s just the beginning. Robin can be customized to handle a whole range of tasks in our enterprise model. ?

Tip #2: Prospecting made easy

Sales reps waste 50 percent of their time on unproductive prospecting, according to B2B Lead. With Robin, that’s time you can now spend talking to hot leads.

Robin prospects for new accounts based on the past historical success. Meaning that it only brings you accounts that are similar to accounts you’ve previously won/closed.


We’ve recently made it so you can customize your sales AI assistant’s prospecting capabilities.

Now not only will Robin bring you accounts based on your historical data, but you can also set your parameters by region, annual revenue, employee size and industry.

Say you close medium-sized businesses in insurance on the west coast. You can set those parameters and Robin will bring you the best accounts that fall within them.

Click on this link and sign in to set up your prospecting parameters.

Tip #3: Data entry done right

A study by DMC Software found that 88 percent of customer data records contain errors.

Robin can eliminate errors by finding the empty fields in your CRM and pulling the most up-to-date information directly from your emails, calendar and the Automation Hero database. These can be details like a phone number or job title.

And ESNA found that 79 percent of opportunity-related data never makes it into the CRM system to begin with.

Your sales AI assistant proactively logs your emails and calendar events for you. Now you can measure your account health and opportunities without the pain of data entry thanks to sales automation.

Already using another tool to log emails? No problem. Robin will never create a duplicate – it will only find what’s missing.

Tip #4: Improve week over week

Sure, your daily to-do list email from Robin is awesome, but you also get a weekly email that shows how your activities stack up week over week.

Each Friday, Robin emails you an at-a-glance summary of the week’s activities to help you see where you measure up compared to your goals. This report includes all of your Salesforce activity around email and calendar events and lead, contact, account and opportunity creation.

This helps you see how you’ve either been more or less productive compared to the previous week.

Tip #5: Your personalized sales AI assistant

There are no surprises in your relationship with Robin. It’s easy to customize the tasks you want (or don’t want) it to do and it learns from your interactions overtime to bring you a better to-do list every day.

If you don’t want Robin to perform a certain skill set, say you don’t want it to log any calendar events in your CRM, simply go to the Automation Hero app and click “Disable this skill.” Robin will not generate any more of those tasks until you re-enable it.

Robin is also learning from the individual tasks you accept or reject. Say that you constantly reject tasks related to a certain account, Robin will learn from this overtime and stop offering you tasks related to this account.

So, if you see something you don’t want updated or logged into your CRM, just reject it and Robin will take care of the rest.

Tip #6 The behind-the-scene security

Your privacy and security are of the utmost importance to us. Which is why all your data is strongly encrypted and each user has their own unique encryption key.

No data is shared between users and no data is ever made available to anyone inside or outside of Automation Hero. Basically, the only person that can see your data is you!

By Jessica Munday