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Help your teams with faster email processing

Automate email triage so employees aren’t constantly in over their heads.

Jan 14, 2021 by Jess McCuan

A woman ponders email processing and email processing systems.

How many emails does your team receive each day? Hundreds? Thousands? The number sent daily worldwide grows at a steady clip (it’s now more than 3 billion), which means the need for email processing and an effective email processing system is more important than ever.

Why it matters in any industry

No matter what business you’re in, email triage — quickly sorting through a clogged inbox — is daunting. That’s especially true in 2021, when supply chain woes and logistical problems sent email volumes soaring. 

Automation and AI can help streamline email processing right from the start, using intelligent character recognition and natural language processing to classify types of emails or documents, along with automated responses to help cut down on manual tasks. 

What’s email parsing?

All this is another way to describe email parsing. And while tech types may know parsing from other contexts, email parsing simply means extracting data from incoming emails, whether that data is structured or unstructured.  

Let’s say you’re a shipping company that receives hundreds of customer emails daily, inquiring about everything from price quotes to package status. Those queries may appear with attached jpegs, jumbled sentences or any number of tricky requests. Sorting out who should see each type of information, and what sort of response it requires, can take hours of precious time on the part of the shipping company’s staff. 

But a well-designed automated email processing system can help employees bypass a significant number of these emails entirely. For example: let’s say any request for a price quote requires a specific set of information that’s almost always missing in the first email. We can help you design an AI model that analyzes incoming emails to discover the intent within them. What is the email’s main topic? What type of request is the customer making? Our platform can automatically sort and select emails identified as price quote requests, sending automated responses for more information or supporting documents. The rest might get routed to agents for batch review. 

Benefits for any industry

In the end, streamlining email processing helps: 

  • Boost efficiency and productivity for sales, marketing, and customer service teams
  • Reduce response times to common customer requests
  • Increase customer retention and satisfaction
  • Transform internal processes for IT, HR, payroll and other departments

See how we helped a global logistics company automate responses to 60% of incoming inquiries. This led to an 80% workload reduction, seconds in response time, and overall higher customer satisfaction.

Just like in logistics and shipping, a huge range of industries are dealing with new complicating factors that have sent email volumes soaring. Automation and AI can help you streamline.