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6 Use Cases for Logistics + Manufacturing

Automation for manufacturing and logistics

We can help logistics and manufacturing operations with a wide range of use cases, including stepping up efficiency around invoicing, extracting data from invoices faster, speeding up claims processing for damaged parts, optimizing dynamic pricing using AI, smoothing out online ordering, and making forecasting ultra-precise.  

In manufacturing, even slight fluctuations in labor or materials costs, customer behavior, or the weather can cause hiccups that have a ripple effect down the line. Intelligent automation can help companies anticipate what’s next. 

The platform can also quickly pull in things like handwritten reports from equipment operators in the field. Once a document is scanned, Automation Hero can use customized OCR (optical character recognition) and AI to extract critical information and then use our connectors to write the information into the relevant system. The ability to synthesize more data points means precision forecasting, which ultimately speeds up time-to-market for a variety of customer goods.