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8 sales tips that can go a long way


Sometimes it’s the little things that make a huge difference to your prospects and customers. It’s all about making a great first impression and keeping that momentum going throughout the sales process (and beyond!) Here are eight small sales tips that can have a big impact.

1. Respond quickly

Our first sales tip is about speedy response times. Between 35 and 50 percent of all sales go to the vendor that connects with the prospect first, meaning that something as simple as responding in a timely manner can make or break a deal. Getting back to an inbound lead within the first five minutes makes that deal nine times more likely to convert. Keep a close eye on your inbox.

2. Adjusting your timezone

If you scored and landed yourself a meeting, being flexible and working within your prospect’s timezone can make a big difference in their eyes. While this may interrupt your sleep schedule or after work activities (depending on which coast you’re on), it pays off and your prospect will appreciate that you’re working beyond your normal hours for their benefit.

3. Saying someone’s first name

This sales tip is essential when it comes to personalization. Ralph Barsi with ServiceNow always says that a person’s name is the sweetest and most important sound to that individual. Calling someone by their first name either in an email, phone call or in person is such a simple thing that can be the first step in making a prospect feel special.

4. Setting the agenda

According to real sales conversation data from Gong.io, setting an agenda at the beginning of a call can improve the likelihood that a lead will convert. In their study, the best sales reps discussed the “end goal” at the start of the call (whether that be scheduling a demo or getting an introduction to a decision-maker) and agreed upon that with the prospect. Gong’s sales tip: set an agenda before diving into the meat of the meeting. This makes your intentions transparent and your call as productive as possible.

5. Social media engagement

People tend to gravitate more toward people, names and brands they are familiar with. Being active on your prospect’s social media feed and in their notifications will make your name and face more familiar to them. Take it a step further by liking or commenting on their posts. Everyone enjoys getting engagement online, and by doing so you’ll not only be a familiar face but also be associated with a positive emotion.

6. Hand-written notes

Sending a personalized handwritten note can speak volumes and make your customer feel special since they know that handwriting notes takes time and thought. It can be as simple as sending a holiday card or a note thanking them for their business. This is a great tactic for retaining customers or setting yourself apart from the competition.

7. Sending freebies

Everyone loves free stuff, and if your company attends conferences or is big on marketing, it’s likely that there’s a stockpile of freebies somewhere around your office. Send your new prospect a few free water bottles, stress balls, stickers, t-shirts or anything that you have. This can be another tactic that associates you and your brand with a positive emotion. Plus, it’s free advertising if the swag has your logo on it!

8. Asking for a referral

Our final sales tip is the gift that keeps on giving. People tend to trust people they know, which is why referrals are an easy win for landing new prospects. And those prospects that come in through a referral are four times more likely to close. Over 90 percent of customers say they’d give referrals, but only 11 percent of salespeople ask for them. Be sure to ask your happy customers for some new contacts.

By Jessica Munday