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Bringing sales AI to the 2018 Revenue Summit


And that’s a wrap! We had a blast participating in SalesHacker’s 2018 Revenue Summit on March 1. It was Automation Hero’s first conference as a company and we were a proud Platinum sponsor. We’re thrilled that we had the chance to elevate and educate sales organizations about sales AI. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to introduce our sales AI platform into the industry!

We’d like to give a huge shout out to those that stopped by our Automation Hero booth. Those who chatted with us and got a demo of our sales AI assistant, Robin, we’re excited about its potential within their sales teams.

Sales leaders across the industry hosted various sessions at the conference, each were extremely insightful and offered new perspectives on sales processes. Here’s a few sessions that we thought rocked and some of their key takeaways:

How To Prospect Using The Basics

This motivational session was hosted by Ralph Barsi, the senior director of global sales development at ServiceNow. Barsi shared that even with all the new technology available, many salespeople are still struggling with prospecting and qualifying.

In order to win at prospecting, Barsi says there are three “basic” areas sales reps need to focus on:

1. Adjust your attitude:

How? Start with a winning mindset. Make clear mental goals and write them down.

2. Get known for adding value:

How? Build a brand and leverage the power of your networks. Personalize your customer’s experience.

3. Do the work:

How? Focus on priorities, projects, and people by thinking of the impact instead of productivity. Reps need to get specific about the prospects they go after. And the big one: don’t just think about it, take action.

Helpful tip: Pin the logos you want to go after to your bathroom mirror so those companies are on your mind at the beginning and end of each day.


9 Elements Of Highly Effective Sales Conversations

This Revenue Summit session was hosted by CEO and co-founder of Gong.io, Amit Bendov. His sales AI company looked at the call data of star sales reps and pulled out conversation insights that correlated with their success. Bendov shares the insights on what makes a highly effective conversation that leads to conversions.

1. Controlling the agenda

How? Have an agenda at the start of the call, agree upon it with your customer, follow it and watch the time. Star reps discussed the “end goal” as they set the agenda.

2. Control the rhythm

How? Star reps talk at a slightly faster pace and pull prospects into their sentiment.

3. Talk business

How? Star reps talk more about business topics (Ex: ROI, pain points, agenda, timelines, decision-making ecosystem, etc.)

4. Coffee shop conversations

How? Make the conversation a dialogue, not a monologue. Make more switches and speak in shorter sentences. Ask questions evenly throughout a call (not all at the beginning).

5. Hollywood style demos

How? Star reps provoke buyers to ask questions by only giving them a short teaser as a demo. Think of demos like a movie trailer — show a little so they want more.

6. Risk-reversal language

How? Star reps reduce the possible risks that a prospect may be facing when deciding on their product by using language that reverses those risks. Some examples include “free trial” or “cancel anytime.”

7. Therapist-grade listening skills

How? Allow customers to talk uninterrupted as much as possible. Silence will help encourage them to continue talking.

8. Differentiate early

How? Separate your product from the competition early on, rather than later in the sales process.

9. Sell in team

How? Involve other members of your team or organization in the call. The close rate of deals skyrockets when multiple people from within are on the call.

The 2020 Sales Leader

This was an energy-filled Rev Summit session hosted by Jacco VanderKooij, the founder of Winning By Design, and Rob Jeppsen, the CEO & founder of Xvoyant. They shared five key takeaways on what it takes to be a sales leader of the future by changing productivity standards and processes.

1. Know the new math

  • Know that 7 > 10 (meaning that high-quality leads are better than more leads.)
  • Know that 4 + 1 > 5 (4 days of work and 1 day of training is better than 5 days of work.)

2. Chase the 80/80 rule

Break the cycle of 20 percent of reps making 80 percent of deals. Chase the 80 percent making 80 percent.

3. Know the numbers, have a process

  • To break the cycle mentioned above, sales leaders need to build a killer process.
  • Know the goal and make a foolproof plan for reps to get to that goal.
  • Use sales AI in those processes to help your team work smarter

4. Use data the right way

Look at productivity data rather than volume data.

5. Continuing education within your organization

The biggest motivator for sales reps is still money, but education also drives them and encourages them to grow.

LinkedIn Photo Booth:

We also sponsored the LinkedIn photo booth. If you had your pictures taken during the Rev Summit, you should have received an email from Orange Photography (make sure to check your spam or promotional folders). You all looked great and we can’t wait to see those headshots on your profile pages!

If you didn’t get the chance to stop by our booth but would like to see a demo of our sales AI automation platform click the button below.

By Jessica Munday