The simplest way to intelligent automation.

Free up your workforce to impact the bottom line by intelligently automating repetitive and manual business processes.

Leading your company into the 21st century

Current technology was architected over a decade ago and is limited to automating simple, repetitive click work.

Get ahead of your competitors with intelligent automation. We weave together screen capturing, structured and unstructured data sources, data processing, deep learning, and the human workforce into an intelligence fabric that creates an operating system for the modern organization.

Driving the change in how humans connect with software

We believe that time is the most valuable asset we have. It should not be wasted on the mundane, especially when we have technology to help.

But technology should support and help people, not replace them. We offer a personal automation assistant to bridge the gap between humans and AI. It increases user adoption and eliminates the learning curve.

Democratizing access to AI

We’re on a journey to democratize AI and end-to-end automation. By simplifying the user experience of our full-featured intelligent automation platform, we empower our customers to accelerate their automation projects and reduce their reliance on IT and service providers.

Putting AI to work

It’s not enough to work with AI if it isn’t impacting your organization at a larger scale. We make it easy for users to implement custom AI models into real business value.

Handling unstructured data has never been so easy.

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