The simplest way to intelligent automation.

Free up your workforce to impact the bottom line by intelligently automating repetitive and manual business processes.

The RPA market has seen extreme growth in the last few years. But current technology was architected over a decade ago and is limited to automating simple, repetitive click work.

We weave together screen capturing, structured and unstructured data sources, data processing, deep learning, and the human workforce into an intelligence fabric that creates an operating system for the modern enterprise.

Your competition is already using RPA.

The faster you can get up and running with intelligent automation, the faster you can leapfrog.

Human Friendly

We offer the only platform that gives end users the option to have their automations delivered by a personal assistant we call Robin.

Each day Robin emails the users with a list of automation tasks it can perform pending their approval. This integrates automation within your organization in an approachable way to increase user adoption and eliminate any learning curve.

Intuitive User Experience

We offer a modern, drag-and-drop environment that allows even less technical users to quickly build their own automations and share across the organization.

See what you've built at every step of the way with our real-time preview.


RPA + AI = Intelligent Automation.

Intelligent automation represents the next generation of RPA beyond automating simple, repetitive click work.

AI Front and Center

We make it incredibly simple to add AI to any automation. Other RPA vendors treat AI as an afterthought and are limited to calling cloud AI APIs and OCR tools. Bring your own or build new AI models to classify, predict, translate, extract, de-duplicate, label, cleanse, understand written intent, detect anomalies or fraud, find patterns and visually detect objects - just to name a few.


Automation Hero Product Overview White Paper

Learn more about our advanced intelligent automation platform and what it can do for your enterprise organization.

Enterprise-grade for real business needs.

Automation Hero is built to scale for a large number of users and for any size or level of complex data, especially to satisfy mission-critical automations.


Our modern architecture runs automations on a distributed backend rather than on individual machines to provide more flexibility and control. This approach allows for combining automation with data processing and complex, compute-intense machine learning algorithms.


Our connectors to data sources, monitoring and security systems easily integrate with a broad range of IT environments. Create custom functions and integration points through our Software Developer Kit.

Runs Everywhere

Our web-based user front end allows users to create and administrate automations from any web browser. The automation client is available as a Chrome plugin or Windows / Mac application.