SFDC Automation Reporting


With automations that are running without human interference, it’s critical for businesses to see which work is actually getting done by their automation platform to ensure it’s ROI and efficiency.

This use case and tutorial video shows how to generate a report that monitors both running and successfully completed automation flows.

When generating a customized report with Automation Hero there are many options; one of which is selecting the database of your choice using Hero_Flow’s 50+ built-in connectors. For this example, we will use Salesforce and its reporting capabilities. We’re able to connect with other data analytic tools as well.

For this use case, we will create a report that tracks the number of automation flows that were started and completed. This report is organized by day and hour, and shows the number of automation flows, how many automation flows were started and how many of those automations were processed successfully.

To create this report within Automation Hero platform, two branches will need to be created. One to write and record that a flow is processing and one at the end which will capture and record the success of a fully processed flow.

By Automation Hero

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Published Apr 21, 2019

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