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Increase the accuracy and reliability of customer data.


Companies rely on their employees to input valuable customer data into the CRM or an alike system. But much of this data is entered inaccurately or not at all. In fact, 79% of opportunity-related data that sales reps/brokers gather is never updated in the CRM system, according to ESNA. And 88% of CRM users admit to entering incomplete contact information, while 62% don’t log all of their activities, says IntroHive. So why not eliminate CRM data entry, which sales reps dislike, altogether?

Automation Hero has a fast-growing list of more than 50 connectors to data sources including (but not limited to) email, calendar, CRM systems, its own database of 45 million global company records, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Pub/Sub. All these disparate inputs lead to increased accuracy and reliability of CRM data entry for businesses.

In this demo video, automation reporting, see how we generate a report that monitors both running and successfully completed automation flows.


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